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IBC 2018 Reflections: FreeWheel’s Thomas Bremond Says Digital Video Advertising Is Reaching Another Level of Maturation

The race to shift sports-video content to new platforms via modern distribution methods has, in many ways, helped serve the need of the consumer, but it has also, for some time, left the monetization of that content and the business models wrapped around them behind to figure out on a rainy day.

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IBC 2018 Reflections: Verizon Digital Media Services’ Darren Lepke on How SmartPlay Session Management Has Become a Differentiator for the Company

It may feel like Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) has been a stalwart in the sports-video-distribution market for a long time, but it’s easy to forget they are still relatively new (only seven years or so). That’s largely due to the fact that VDMS has become such a big player so quickly, striking partnerships in […]

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IBC 2018 Reflections: NAGRA’s Harrie Tholen on NexGuard QuickMark, New Edge of Battling Piracy in Live Sports

In the burgeoning world of live sports streaming, battling piracy is a task that can be equal parts exhausting and defeating. Last week’s IBC Show did provide hope to some major sports distributors that the future may be brighter than the world of Whac-A-Mole in which many currently reside.

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IBC 2018 Reflections: Forbidden Technologies CEO Ian McDonough Talks Blackbird Edge, Power of the Cloud

Forbidden Technologies – developer and seller of Blackbird – was on hand at Microsoft Azure’s IBC booth, demonstrating its work station experience in the cloud. At the show, the company made two big announcements: the release of a Mac version of its Blackbird Edge cloud-based remote-video-editing/management platform (previously only on Linux) and the launch of […]

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IBC 2018 Reflections: Zixi’s Eric Bolten on the Maturation of Delivering Video Streams at Scale

One of the common themes that emerged on the streaming side of the aisle at this year’s IBC Show was that the expectations behind both the quality and – perhaps most noticeably – the scale at which video delivery is taking place in the industry is turning heads.

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