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Sport Production Summit: Former HBS CEO Francis Tellier to be honoured with Outstanding Contribution award

Francis Tellier, the former chief executive of Host Broadcast Services (HBS), will receive the 2019 SVG Europe Outstanding Contribution to European Sports Broadcasting Award at the Sports Production Summit on 12 September. The event, free to SVG Europe members and sponsors, will be held at the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam and Tellier will be presented […]  More

This OB Life – The Associate Support Engineer [VIDEO]

In the final part of our series of films going behind the camera on sports OBs, Rebecca Page, an associate support engineer working in broadcast graphics and data for Sky, details how her role is changing as the industry becomes more and more data and IT-centric. Produced by Sky for SVG Europe, this video was […]  More

Countdown to kick off: How Sportcast will cover the new Bundesliga season

Germany’s Bundesliga 2019-20 season kicks off tonight (Friday 16 August) with a game between Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin. As usual, broadcast coverage is under the control of Sportcast. In fact, since 2006, Sportcast – as a subsidiary of the DFL (Deutsche Fussball Liga) and as host broadcaster – has been producing, enhancing, distributing, and […]  More

RadioFr And TV La Télé build first all-IP media facility in Switzerland

Swiss private broadcasters RadioFr and La Télé have completed construction of a completely new, all-IP broadcast centre for their radio and television operations, using Lawo broadcast equipment and the installation services of SLG Broadcast. For 30 years, French-language Radio Fribourg, German-language Radio Freiburg and regional La Télé Fribourg TV programming originated from two separate facilities […]  More

Weavr prototype unveiled to provide eSports and sports fans with the ultimate viewing experience

The first working prototype mobile app for Weavr, a technology platform that uses live and historic data to create meaningful and personalised mixed reality fan experiences, has been demonstrated by the Weavr Consortium. Comprised of six UK companies spanning eSports, education and entertainment, and supported by UK Research and Innovation, the Weavr Consortium hopes that […]  More

This OB Life – Women in Sports Broadcasting [VIDEO]

The fourth of our educational films going behind the camera on sports OBs features Sky Production Services’ sound supervisor Emma Penny and Sky Sports multi-sport assistant producer Martha Watson discussing the challenges of being a woman in what is traditionally a male-dominated environment. In conversation with reporter Hannah Wilkes, the duo also highlight their jobs, […]  More