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Live from Tokyo Olympics: RAI production team calls IBC home for complete coverage

The first of August is a day that will go down in Italian sports history as Lamont Jacobs won the gold medal in the men’s 100 metres only minutes after fellow countryman Gianmarco Tamberi captured gold in the men’s high jump. And Italian national broadcaster RAI was on site in force as more than 240 […]  More

Live from Tokyo Olympics: Wrestling from Makuhari Messe photo gallery

It doesn’t get any more traditional than wrestling when it comes to Olympic sports as wrestling was a feature of the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC, with the sport’s Greco-Roman style included in the first Games of the modern era at Athens 1896. Eight years later, freestyle wrestling was introduced at the St Louis […]  More

Live from Tokyo Olympics: Baseball at Yokohama Stadium photo gallery

Baseball was played as a demonstration sport at a number of editions of the Games before being adopted as a medal sport at Barcelona 1992. The sport was contested until Beijing 2008, then removed from the programme. Given the popularity of baseball in Japan, an invitation by the International Olympic Committee for the host country […]  More

Live from Tokyo Olympics: Darryl Jefferson and Jim Miles on NBC Olympics’ file-based workflows and storytelling

Every NBC Olympic effort sees massive changes and advances with respect to file-based workflows, editing and more. Toss in UHD, HDR and immersive audio and those advances are even more challenging and, ultimately, impressive. Darryl Jefferson, NBC Olympics VP, broadcast operations and technology, and Jim Miles, NBC Olympics, director, digital workflow systems, discussed the multi-continent, timezone and […]  More

Telstra expands offering to broadcasters through MediaCloud acquisition with UK Broadcast Operations Centre

Through its recent acquisition of MediaCloud, Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) has announced it has expanded on its investments in the European market with the opening of the former MediaCloud broadcast operations centre (BOC), situated in London’s Docklands. The acquisition of MediaCloud’s business and assets included the London broadcast operations centre previously operated and owned by […]  More

Olympic Games drives record fan engagement for Discovery’s digital services

Discovery has reported that it has experienced record numbers of fans visiting its digital platforms during the first week of the Tokyo Olympics. During the opening week of the Olympic Games, the desire of fans to personalise their viewing experience by choosing to watch any of their national heroes or favourite sports has seen new […]  More

UEFA deploys Aviwest for select live UEFA Euro 2020 coverage across Europe

Aviwest was appointed by UEFA to support selected off-venue events, including official team training and press conferences, from UEFA Euro 2020 using a bonded cellular ecosystem. With 51 matches held in 11 host cities across Europe and the ongoing COVID-19 global health crisis, this year’s event was particularly challenging to prepare for and deliver. UEFA […]  More

Live from the Tokyo Olympics: Russia’s Channel One embraces EVS-IPD-VIA

Channel One Russia is delivering 12 hours of live sports content to viewers back home and its production philosophy is unique this year: a production gallery that is integrating commercials and other elements here in Tokyo and then sending a complete show back home. It is also the first Olympic broadcaster to use EVS IPD-VIA  More

Live from the Tokyo Olympics: Karl Malone on the move to immersive audio and keeping remote commentators connected

Karl Malone, NBC Sports and NBC Olympics, director, sound design, says that the 2o2o Olympics is truly the audio Olympics. And while he jokes that he says that every Olympics, it’s hard to argue this time around as next-generation immersive audio, with 5.1.4 (think regular surround sound with four additional channels overhead to give height […]  More