NEP’s Brian Clark discusses how Gray’s Inn Road production centre offers flexibility and innovation

When NEP Group opened a new production centre at London’s famed Gray’s Inn Road (a 15-minute walk south from St. Pancras Station) it was the culmination of a planning effort that began more than two years ago, was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and ultimately gives NEP Group another value proposition in its line of […]  More

Tech focus: Augmented crowd sound, Part 2 — A look at two specialised PA systems

The PA systems used for augmented crowd sound are becoming their own subcategory within the venue-sound sector. They have their own particular acoustical exigencies — aiming a speaker capable of outputting 102 dB directly at a highly reflective surface like a basketball court flies in the face of everything taught in Acoustics 101 — and […]  More

Tech focus: Augmented crowd sound, Part 1 — A category of dedicated sound systems is born

Created last year in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the new category of augmented crowd sound has spawned new ways of putting that sound into sports arenas and stadiums that require virtual crowd noise. New sound systems have to be able to propagate specific sounds — which can cover particular areas of the frequency spectrum […]  More

SVG Sit-Down: Bose’s Matt Ruwe discusses the B40 headset for mission-critical applications

To most people, Bose is a leader in noise-canceling headphones for personal use, but less known is the work the company has done with the military, aviation, and other industries to deliver headsets that can keep communication lines open in noisy (and sometimes dangerous) environments. Bose Senior Product Manager Matt Ruwe sat down with SVG to discuss […]  More

Japan’s Nishio rental house invests in Riedel MediorNet, Artist and Bolero for state-of-the-art 4K OB van

Nishio Rent All Co, one of Japan’s largest providers of rental equipment, has outfitted its pioneering 4K OB van with a broad suite of Riedel’s  signal processing and intercom solutions. Riedel’s MediorNet real-time video network, Artist digital matrix intercom and Bolero wireless intercom equipment support a broad range of entertainment productions on board the van, […]  More

Panasonic introduces voice-based PTZ camera control using Sennheiser TeamConnect microphones

Panasonic has unveiled a PTZ camera solution with voice-based camera tracking. Using TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphones from Sennheiser for audio-based tracking, the PTZ cameras can automatically switch focus between different speakers. They are managed centrally by a controller via the network. Panasonic is already using the solution at its own Business Solution Centre Europe (BSC) with […]  More

Grabyo launches audio mixer for live video production in the cloud

Grabyo has added a cloud-based audio mixer into its live production platform, Grabyo Producer. Unlike traditional audio mixer hardware, Grabyo’s audio mixer can be operated remotely and can be customised to meet the needs of individual users and events. The first release of the service supports precise dBFS level monitoring, the ability to set volume, […]  More

Sky Sports’ A1 Emma Penny joins Audio Insider Perspectives panel at Sound Talks – Mixing Broadcast Sound

In a last minute addition to an already fantastic line up, Sky Sports’ Emma Penny, A1 sound supervisor, is joining the Audio Insider Perspectives panel at SVG Europe’s Sound Talks – Mixing Broadcast Sound. Penny has worked in live TV audio for over a decade as both an A1 and A2 for a number of […]  More

NEP’s Neville Hooper joins speaker line up for Sound Talks – Mixing Broadcast Sound

SVG Europe is pleased to announce that Neville Hooper, NEP UK deputy head of sound, is joining the Audio Insider Perspectives session at Sound Talks – Mixing Broadcast Sound, which is taking place at 4pm (UK summer time) on Wednesday 7 April. Sound Talks – Mixing Broadcast Sound, supported by Title sponsor Telos Alliance and […]  More

NEP Connects adds Hitomi MatchBox to its MediaCity Networks Operation Centre

NEP Connect has purchased a 4K MatchBox system – Generator and Analyser complete with a Glass licence – from Hitomi Broadcast for use in its MediaCity Network Operations Centre in Salford, UK. NEP Connect (formerly known as SIS LIVE) provides global critical connectivity services, delivering thousands of hours of news, sports and entertainment content to […]  More