ChyronHego Booth Headlined by New Graphics Creation, Playout Platform

ChyronHego will highlight several innovations across the various aspects of broadcast graphics for sports, news, and more. Headlining the company’s technology at the 2015 NAB Show is Lyric64, the all-new 64-bit re-architected version of ChyronHego’s graphics flagship product, Lyric, running in 2K, 4K, and beyond. The company will also launch new products and other significant updates for studio, remote, and file-based workflows.

“At this year’s NAB Show, we’ll show why ChyronHego remains on the leading edge of today’s most advanced graphics production workflows,” says Johan Apel, President and CEO, ChyronHego. “Front and center is Lyric64, a significantly re-engineered version of the world-renowned Lyric graphics tool. With Lyric64, we’ve taken everything that’s great about Lyric and re-built it in the 64-bit environment, a large development effort that has resulted in a new foundation for Lyric to evolve along with our customers’ ever-challenging graphics requirements.” 

NEW: Lyric64 — All-New Graphics Creation and Playout Platform
ChyronHego’s Lyric is the world’s leading graphics creation and playout solution, with more than 9,000 systems installed in broadcast environments on every continent. At the 2015 NAB Show, ChyronHego will launch Lyric64, a significant new release that has been completely re-engineered in the 64-bit environment. Like its predecessor, Lyric64 offers a single powerful solution for graphics creation and playout, including point-and-click access to data using ChyronHego’s Advanced Data Object technology. As a true 64-bit application, Lyric64 includes an all-new user interface that provides seamless usability and easy access to Lyrics rich and extensive feature set. In addition, Lyric64 is resolution-agnostic with full support for authoring and playout in nonstandard aspect ratios and resolutions of 4K and beyond. At the show, ChyronHego will showcase Lyric64 in a 4K environment and in an advanced video wall application displaying resolutions far beyond 4K.

UPDATE: Virtual Placement — Powerful Virtual Graphics
Virtual Placement from ChyronHego is a powerful tool that turns the complex art of placing virtual graphics within live video into a quick and simple process. Virtual Placement can be used in many different live broadcast scenarios, from augmenting physical studio sets with virtual objects or live broadcast graphics and video feeds to enhancing much larger scenes such as sports arenas, race tracks, or landscapes. At the 2015 NAB Show, ChyronHego will showcase the latest release of Virtual Placement, which features the all-new Scene Tracking engine that allows for sensorless real-time and true 3D camera tracking in almost any environment. Scene Tracking is specifically targeted at live sports production. In addition, Virtual Placement now enables deployment of virtual graphics using Steadicams and jibs. ChyronHego will demonstrate this capability in an integration of Virtual Placement with the StypeGRIP augmented reality solution for Stanton Jimmy Jibs USA.

UPDATE: Paint — Bringing Game Play to Life
ChyronHego’s Paint product family offers advanced production analysis and telestration tools designed specifically for the needs of sports broadcasters. Within a game, dozens of telestrated clips can be created live or stored at the ready for near-live replays or post-match analysis. At the 2015 NAB Show, ChyronHego will release a new version of Paint that includes comprehensive support for 4K productions, enabling broadcasters to introduce and telestrate a 4K stream in an HD broadcast without any loss of resolution. Also at the show, ChyronHego is launching an all-new version of Paint for Mac platforms. And, for the first time at NAB, the company will showcase Paint Live, a solution targeting live OB productions with the ability to telestrate fill and key output.

UPDATE: Metacast — Professional Weather Graphics
For over 20 years, Metacast has set the global standard for high-impact, reliable, efficient, and data-driven weather graphics. As a stand-alone system within a broadcasting operation or as a production tool in an integrated 24/7 newsroom environment, Metacast provides users with a complete graphics toolset for weather-driven news stories. At the 2015 NAB Show, ChyronHego will showcase a new version of Metacast with significant performance and usability enhancements to further streamline weather workflows.

NEW: Metacast Media Maker — Template-Based Weather Graphics
Metacast Media Maker, an all-new template-based version of ChyronHego’s industry-leading Metacast professional weather graphics solution, will make its debut at the 2015 NAB Show. Metacast Media Maker delivers all of the robust rendering and output capabilities of the full Metacast solution in a set of pre-defined templates that connect to multiple live-weather data inputs. Users can render constantly updated weather clips that can be delivered live into a ChyronHego BlueNet graphics workflow, an internal MAM, or any other file-based workflow.

NEW: SHOUT Metrics — Powerful Social Media Analytics
Ideal for news, sports, and entertainment, SHOUT is ChyronHego’s easy-to-use social media application that works with any of the company’s graphics systems. With SHOUT, broadcasters can instantly create an online community and create buzz around the broadcast by quickly airing social media conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Mass Relevance, YouTube, and RSS feeds. At the 2015 NAB Show, ChyronHego will introduce SHOUT Metrics, an all-new extension for SHOUT that provides deep and rich data analysis on social media data — for instance, the number of Tweets per second during a specific news segment. In addition, SHOUT Interactive will be introduced. ChyronHego’s social media touch screen application now enables display of content created with SHOUT and SHOUT Metrics and also provides support for Instagram feeds.

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