Cartoni supports SVG Europe with new Bronze sponsorship

Camera support company Cartoni has joined SVG Europe as a Bronze sponsor.

The family run business is the only remaining wide range professional camera support company that designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles in Europe. From its Rome facility, Cartoni manufactures a wide range of fluid heads, tripods, jibs, pedestals and more, with a focus on stability, ease of flow and precision.

“Sports video operators are a challenging group to please, as they want all the best technical and operative features in an intuitive, user-friendly and extremely rugged package,” said Elisabetta Cartoni, president & CEO at the company. “They are shooting live action and have no second chance to catch the right image, so the equipment has to be 100% reliable. To better understand what is needed and why, I go personally to stadiums and encourage the design team to do the same. Only watching the cameraperson in action can you catch the right need and try to constantly improve the mechanics.”

As cameras and lenses are evolving, supports have to do the same, following new shapes, new weights and even new accessories. Cartoni constantly improves its fluid heads to facilitate the work of the camera operator.

“Our motto is ‘Support your Vision’ for this reason,” added Cartoni. “We are proud to join SVG Europe as it is the fastest growing segment of our customers and we are committed to serving it at our best.”

Looking ahead and there are more enhancements planned for the year, as Cartoni revealed: “For 2022 we’re working on new challenging technologies specifically dedicated to sport video with the introduction of mechatronics inside the fluid head’s operation. We’ll also further enhance the position data collection from encoders on pan and tilt axis, which are essential for digital layer advertising.”



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