Caton Technology commits to ‘innovation and excellence’ as it joins SVG Europe as a Gold sponsor

Caton Technology, a global leader in next-generation IP transport, has joined SVG Europe as a Gold sponsor.

Known for its cloud-native Media XStream service, which utilises AI to deliver real-time video over IP, Caton ensures quality, reliability and performance for broadcasters and content providers.

Georgiana Verdonk-Sim, vice president, marketing and human resources at Caton, said: “Our collaboration with SVG Europe is founded on a vision to revolutionise sports broadcasting by harnessing the power of Caton Technology’s Media XStream service. This managed service not only satisfies the growing demand for diverse sports content worldwide but also democratises the broadcast of niche sports, expanding their reach and fostering community engagement.

“By integrating Caton’s AI-driven network, which ensures high-quality, low-latency content delivery over IP circuits, we address the critical challenge of internet unreliability. Our technology enables broadcasters to reduce production costs through remote production capabilities, ensuring that even events from the most remote locations can be delivered to audiences with exceptional reliability. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the sports broadcasting arena, contributing to an enriching viewing experience for sports enthusiasts globally.”

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