Clear-Com rolls out new matrix intercoms

Clear-Com has unveiled the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Systems and Eclipse HX (EHX) Configuration Software at IBC 2012. The distinct set of matrix intercoms offers faster performance, simplified operations, and administration and higher system capacity.

The Eclipse HX systems, comprising the Eclipse HX-Omega, Eclipse HX-Median, and Eclipse HX-PiCo, as well as the EHX software, are based on the original and comprehensive Eclipse digital matrix platform. All retain the legacy platform’s unique integration capabilities. Additionally, Clear-Com’s V-Series panels, frame cards and interfaces are compatible with the new Eclipse HX range, providing a seamless logical upgrade path for existing Eclipse customers. What sets Eclipse HX apart from the original Eclipse line are improvements in the software architecture, user interface and system capacity.

“We are very pleased to introduce the new Eclipse HX systems and EHX software at IBC,” says Peter Stallard, senior product manager, Eclipse, Clear-Com. “In broadcast facilities where matrix intercom systems and resources are often shared across multiple studios, having fast and highly intuitive systems is critical when scarce engineering resources are needed to execute system-wide changes reliably, in real-time and with minimal impact on system users. Also, the Eclipse HX systems have the ability to make changes on the fly, which is especially important in OB vans and other live operations.”

The Clear-Com Eclipse has a highly advanced range of user key panels, frame cards, interface modules, seamless wireless integration and intelligent IP intercom connectivity. The new Eclipse HX systems and EHX configuration software offer:

Improved system performance and resource utilization for executing EHX software configuration changes in real time.

  • Clear-Com has designed the EHX software for faster processing of configuration and routing cards. This optimizes system performance and speed.

An intuitive user interface and easier setup operations for a better, simplified user experience.

  • New “Matrix Ports and Cards” screen for a more efficient setup process.
  • New “Resource Chart” to display utilization level of system resources.
  • Improved user-panel setup for easy drag-and-drop operation.
  • Easier-to-use single-frame operation for an individual user.
  • Easier-to-read fonts and vertical-font displays on V-Series key panels.
  • User rights features for identifying user types and providing system access control to protect against inadvertent changes.
  • Color tallies as indicators for IFB and telephone-assigned keys.
  • New “Online Help” feature provides context-sensitive help within software.

Space saving and expanded system capacity.

  • Eclipse HX-Omega and Eclipse HX-Median matrix port density has increased to more than 448 ports per 6RU frame.
  • PiCo-Link provides intelligent audio linking between co-located Eclipse HX-PiCos to resources in just 2RU.
  • System features split-mode operation for E-Que cards, making them more efficient when users want to use both E1/T1 trunks and FreeSpeak.
  • MADI channels can be used for intelligent trunking.
  • Logic Maestro and client-server mode have been bundled with the EHX Software.

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