FutureSPORT 2019: Sports broadcasting with 5G – hype? Or the real deal? [VIDEO]

In the second in our series of video interviews from FutureSPORT 2019, Tiana Trumpa, Deutsche Telekom 5G product manager, in conversation with SVG editorial director Ken Kerschbaumer, discusses the potential impact that 5G could have on sports broadcasting now and in the future.

“If [sports broadcasters] get reliable bandwidth for certain events, [5G] can be a game-changer in terms of replacing current infrastructure.”

You can view the video interview below. For more video interviews from FutureSPORT 2019 visit the dedicated FutureSPORT 2019 playlist on YouTube.

The interview took place during SVG Europe’s FutureSPORT 2019 conference at Chelsea FC on 26 November 2019.

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