IABM releases in-depth report into state of sports broadcast marketplace

The IABM has announced the publication of a new 44-page report, ‘Sports Broadcasting: Drivers of Change & Technology Trends’.

The report delves into the most recent trends in sports broadcasting, describing how the changes in the industry are translating into a variety of shifts in media technology demand. SVG and IABM members can access the report for free.

The increasing pressure on budgets and the changing demands of viewers are prompting sports broadcasters to deploy new technologies and workflows such as remote production, artificial intelligence and immersive formats.

Despite the gloomy predictions that follow any ratings decline, live sports remain the jewel in the broadcaster’s crown. Live sports broadcasting has not been subject to the transition to on-demand viewing as other genres have been due to the unique value of watching sports live.

Moreover, compared to news, sports have been only limitedly damaged by alternative consumption means such as social media. Sports remains the only genre capable of consistently delivering massive audiences to broadcasters in the era of content fragmentation, thus driving a big share of their revenues. However, sports broadcasting is changing as the business adapts to the rising pressure on budgets and the changing demands of viewers.

This report aims to identify the major drivers of change in the sports broadcasting sector and how these are influencing technology spending by sports broadcasters.

Sports Video Group is very grateful to the IABM in allowing our subscribers access to the report via this link: http://www.theiabm.org/svg-report

The password for access is: IABMsvgR3p0rt

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