IBC 2018: Wheatstone publishes new software for VoxPro editing system and participates in IP showcase

Wheatstone announced a new software release for its VoxPro recorder/editor, the popular digital audio editing system used in broadcast studios and newsrooms worldwide for live recording and editing of call-ins, interviews, and spots.
The new VoxPro version 7.1 features smarter hotkeys, customisable shortcuts, and improved file naming and importing functions.

VoxPro is designed specifically for broadcast applications and includes advanced features such as Auto-Import, Auto-Record, EZ-Export, Automatic Gain Control, networked file access, and customisable folders. VoxPro is known for its trademark VoiceSlip feature that automatically handles host/caller talk-over, as well as its GapBuster feature that can automatically remove silence from interviews and phone calls in seconds, rather than the minutes it would take to do manually. Also unique to VoxPro is its controller with scrub wheel designed specifically for real-time recording, editing, and playback on the air, the control keys of which are mapped to specific functions in the software for exceptionally fast recording and editing without requiring a mouse.

This new version builds on VoxPro’s reputation as the universal standard for live radio recording and editing in on-air control rooms and newsrooms worldwide with:

  • Smarter hotkeys, which can now loop and pause sound effects, spots, music beds, and interview quips. In addition, users now have access to more hotkeys at one time and can easily route hotkeys to individual faders (input strips) on the studio console plus color-code them based on 32 different colors for faster recall.
  • Customisable shortcuts. Users can now assign a variety of functions, effects and their own FX Macros to the five hotkeys on the VoxPro control panel. Users can optionally elect to display any bank of shortcuts permanently, making these functions accessible at all times with a simple press of the corresponding hot key.
  • Improved file naming and importing. Users now have more control over file naming conventions for integrating files from the various automation systems. In addition, auto-imported files can now be automatically gain adjusted or normalized during import.

Also, Wheatstone is once again partnering with other vendors in the IP Showcase at IBC to demonstrate AES67 compatibility and IP audio networking in radio and television environments.

Wheatstone makes the popular WheatNet-IP system, an AES67 compatible IP audio network designed specifically for broadcast purposes that is in use by major U.S. and global broadcast operations.

As part of the IBC IP Showcase, which will be held in room E106/107 during the conference, Wheatstone will demonstrate its WheatNet-IP audio network and AES67 compatibility in an overall system based on SMPTE ST 2110 standards. SMPTE ST 2110 defines AES67 as the audio element in the transition to IP. The demonstrations will show interoperability using SMPTE ST 2110 and SMPTE ST 2022-7 standards and AMWA NMOS specifications (IS-04, IS-05 and IS-06) in live production, contribution, and playout workflows.

Wheatstone is one of more than 50 vendors working together to demonstrate real-world IP interoperability. Wheatstone also participated in the IP Showcase demonstration at NAB 2018 in April, and in previous IP Showcase demonstrations at IBC.

Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio networking system and VoxPro 7.1’s full capabilities will be on display at Wheatstone stand 8.C91 during the IBC.

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