Litepanels offers alternative to 2K incandescent Fresnels

Litepanels broadens its range of professional fixtures with the new Sola 12 and Inca 12 LED Fresnel fixtures. Intended for lighting designers and cinematographers looking for an alternative to traditional 2K incandescent Fresnels, the new Litepanels fixtures offer the energy efficiency and quality of illumination for which Litepanels is known.

The daylight balanced output of the new Sola 12 is visually accurate and powerful thanks to the high quality, full spectrum light produced by Litepanels’ custom-built LEDs, while the tungsten balanced Inca 12 is color matched to existing incandescent fixtures. The wide, 12–inch, true Fresnel lens offers the ability to softly wrap the light around a subject while maintaining realistic shadow rendering. The collimated beam has a focus range of 50° to 15° and smoothly dims from 100% to 0. These setting can be adjusted simultaneously using the industry standard DMX512 protocol for a high level of control, as well as by using manual controls on the back of the fixture.

The engineering challenge with these super output LED Fresnels was producing the most powerful fixtures available while maintaining all the benefits traditionally associated with Litepanels: low power draw, ballast-free deployment, cool to the touch operation, flicker-free performance and long life. Mission accomplished. The Sola 12 and Inca 12 each draw only 350 Watts (less than 18% of traditional 2K fixtures), require no heavy ballast, provide comfortable glove-free operation, and are flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle.

Litepanels 12-inch LED Fresnel fixtures simplify a studio’s decision to switch to LED fixtures and begin cutting costs. The savings on power alone are enormously significant. Six Sola 12 or Inca 12 fixtures can share a single 20 amp circuit, and the minimal heat generated reduces air conditioning needs. The new Fresnels incorporate Litepanels’ integrated DMX module for total control with no need for expensive dimmers and a separate dimmer room.

Litepanels now offers the broadest range of LED fixtures for broadcast studio installation, allowing for the one-to-one replacement of traditional fixtures with Litepanels LED Fresnels while maintaining the existing incandescent lighting plot. The Sola Series now includes: Sola 12, Sola 6, Sola 4 and Sola ENG (12”, 6”, 4” and 3” lenses, respectively). The Inca Series now includes: Inca 12, Inca 6 and Inca 4 (12”, 6”, and 4” lenses). The industry staple 1×1 Panel family of fixtures and the high output Hilio fixture round out Litepanels’ range of lighting products for studio and location applications.

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