Marquise Technologies to unveil end-to-end ACES workflow

Marquise Technologies announced the feature set available in the version 3.0 of the colour-grading system RAIN and MIST, a comprehensible ACES workflow, the latest improvement of JAZZ rendering engine, the enhancement of the DCI Mastering tool-set and new capabilities including IMF Mastering.

Users opting for an end-to-end IIF/ACES workflow from dailies to deliverables now have the ability to grade, conform, and master their ACES projects directly into a DCP or IMF package. This unique feature offers both reliability and efficiency, as no additional conversion on the image is needed during the complete process. Combined with a grading in ASC, CDL mode is available in both MIST and RAIN. This workflow of choice for motion pictures brings accuracy in the exchanges of information through Open EXR files. ACES projects can be monitored on two different targets simultaneously, typically a Rec709 monitor and a DCI P3 projector.

Both the Rendering and the Batch Convert modules are enhanced with the FlowGraph feature thus bringing time effectiveness into your workflow: this visual functionality allows the output of multiple versions all at once with numerous effects like Resize or LUT applications, then transcoding in real-time into the required files: MXF DNxHD, ProRes, H264, OpenEXR, etc.

Powering the Rendering and the Batch Convert modules, the JAZZ software-rendering engine now features an extremely fast JPEG2000 encoding up to real-time in 2K, as well as simultaneous multiple real-time streams rendering for a faster delivery of your files. The JAZZ rendering performances for IMF and DCP creation can also be greatly enhanced, by using the Barco Silex acceleration board, reaching between 30 and 50 FPS for JPEG2000 encoding in 2K, and 10 FPS in 4K, depending on the storage bandwidth.

MOSAIC, the real-time de-Bayering engine, now supports Weisscam RAW and Blackmagic Design camera’s CinemaDNG, along with ARRIRAW and Phantom Cine files.

The Dailies process can now be controlled with greater precision by using the automatic generation of PDF reports including takes I/O TC, comments and other important metadata. Missing or incorrect metadata can be generated or modified using tags by clips or by groups of clips.

The advanced color tool-set of RAIN grows with new features for the keyer and the shapes, as well as with new blending modes for the secondaries, allowing more flexibility and productivity in the grading process.

MIST also integrates new security features in the DCP mastering. These new features include track essence encryption and Key Delivery Message creation (KDM). Popular certificate file formats such as PEM or CER are supported and the possibility of creating a self-KDM is also available. These new security options are available with the DCI Mastering option at not extra cost.

On the hardware side, Marquise Technologies product range now supports the new NVIDIA Quadro K5000, and benefits form its H264 100 FPS encoding capabilities. The new direct GPU process from Bluefish444 is now supported, allowing a suppler workstation configuration. At IBC 2012, all the demonstrations will be done using systems with 4K uncompressed real-time playback capabilities.

“At Marquise Technologies we have a clear understanding of the post-production industry needs: to process in the most efficient and reliable way valuable files that will generate revenue. That is what we are offering with our product range: productivity, creativity and flexibility,” comments Laurence Stoll, CEO at Marquise Technologies.

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