Maverick TV uses new Forscene and Sony production workflow on C4 show

Forbidden Technologies has created a professional workflow using Sony’s new CBK-WA100 wireless adapter for Sony cameras. Forbidden client Maverick TV is the first to use this new Forscene workflow integrated with Sony’s wireless adapter on a programme commissioned by Channel 4.

Forbidden worked together with Sony to create an integrated workflow and to provide a professional broadcast test case. This new workflow allows production crews to upload content directly from the Sony camera over a wireless LAN to the Forscene cloud, eliminating any delay between the shoot and post production.

The integration is ideal for remote video production, especially reality-based, unscripted, or high-shoot-rate long-form programs. Having access to footage as it is being shot means that production teams can give feedback and direction to the location crew during the shoot, rather than having to wait for media to be uploaded at the end of the day or sent on drives from the location to the production centre.

“Production teams are becoming more and more dispersed, with remote crews needing to submit content to centralised post facilities from all over the world,” said Greg Hirst, business development director, Forbidden Technologies. “The ability to get the content from the camera to the edit point quickly and efficiently is an important part of video production, and Forscene lends itself perfectly to such a workflow.

“Forbidden has a reputation for being able to integrate easily and has established cloud-based post production clients. The deployment at Maverick is a demonstrable use case for Sony’s wireless adapter in a cloud post environment, and the fact that Maverick is using it on a real-world production further proves the viability of the workflow.”

Crew in the field control the camera adapter from a smartphone or tablet, selecting content to upload directly from the camera to the Forscene cloud. Forscene reads the proxy in XAVC format, transcodes it and loads it into the user’s Forscene account. The material is immediately available in Forscene for production teams to review, log, edit, and give feedback to the on-location crew.

At the same time, directors in the field can log in to their Forscene accounts to view and begin putting rough cuts together from anywhere with an Internet connection. Clients then have the option of exporting an EDL to complete post and relink with the high-resolution material on their local storage or finishing in Forscene and publishing directly to distribution channels from high-resolution media stored in the Forscene cloud.

Maverick, part of production giant all3media, is using the Sony wireless adapter and Forscene integrated workflow on an observational documentary that is currently in production for Channel 4.

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