NAB Perspectives: Thinklogical’s Robert Ventresca on Maintaining Signal Integrity Over Fiber

This week, Thinklogical is looking to address many of the complex challenges facing today’s broadcast and video post-production professionals through its fiber optic-based video and KVM routing and extension solutions.

Robert Ventresca, vice president of marketing at Thinklogical

Robert Ventresca, vice president of marketing at Thinklogical

Among the highlights at their booth, Thinklogical is showing off 4K SMPTE/Digital Cinema extension solutions, which extend 4K signals from four HD-SDI inputs or two 3G inputs over a single multi-mode or single mode fiber.

“Our market is really focusing on being able to extend those computer signals; the video, keyboard, mouse, audio, RS 232 signals over distance using fiber-optic,” says Robert Ventresca, vice president of marketing at Thinklogical.“That’s important in whether it’s talking about trucks, postproduction environments, and multi-campus environments. And we’re hearing from the marketplace, as 4K is evolving, there’s a real need to make sure that you’re maintaining that signal integrity.”

According to Ventresca, Thinklogical’s technology can extend 4K up to a distance of up to 40 kilometers. Customers visiting the booth has stressed the obvious desire of  extending signals with little to no compression, latency, artifacts, or lost frames. 

“That’s something that Thinklogical has really tried to help address in the marketplace,” says Ventresca. “Especially in the postproduction world, we’re seeing a lot of people being challenged. There’s almost a belief that you kind of have to deal with subpar performance and one of the things that we’re bringing to the table is the ability to deliver that content uncompressed over distances required over fiber-optic lines.

“So we’re helping the broadcast and postproduction world really have infrastructure that meets the quality standards that they’re trying to achieve by delivering that higher resolution, higher frame rate, up to 4K resolution kind of content.”

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