adds trending capability to Interactivity Suite announced that its Interactivity Suite (IS), a toolkit for creating the technical backbone of interactive broadcasts and digital marketing campaigns, now has a What’s Trending toolkit — trend discovery tools that make it easy for broadcasters to track what’s trending in social media in real time, and comment on or create highly correlated segments on the air. This capability gives broadcasters another way to drive the conversation with their viewers, thereby increasing the revenue potential for the broadcaster.

“Producers and on-air talent are faced with the tremendous responsibility of keeping a broadcast flowing in front of the camera, and in this age of Social TV, that responsibility is more complex — and more important — than ever,” said Zachary Weiner, director of global marketing. “This new feature is another tool they can use to create relevant commentary and analytics that will resonate with and engage viewers, which in turn can boost advertising dollars.”

The What’s Trending toolkit relies on a visual grouping of the words that are appearing in social media outlets at a given time. The words that show up most often carry more weight in the snapshot. Using the toolkit, IS can monitor the social media landscape and produce trending terms based on a particular broadcaster’s criteria, with one simple-to-use interface for Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email. This capability allows for granular searches to create lists of relevant associated terms with hand-picked customization.’s IS platform supports true participation TV by enabling viewers to influence a broadcast in real time, as well as allowing them to interact with one another and the rest of the world. Using IS, a broadcaster can effortlessly aggregate user-generated content from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook into programming, and build synchronized companion apps that enable viewers to interact with their televisions using an iPad, tablet, PC, or smartphone.

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