PlayBox Technology UK joins SVG Europe as OB/SI Sponsor

PlayBox Technology UK has signed up to be an OB/SI Sponsor for SVG Europe, citing the associations networking opportunities as a major benefit for the company to enjoy over the coming 12 months.

PlayBox Technology UK is an international manufacturer of software-based playout and OTT engines serving broadcasters and OTT services providers worldwide.

Phillip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology UK, commented: “The most important benefit of PlayBox Technology UK joining SVG Europe is that they provide us with an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals involved in sports-based television and SMART connected services.”

The company was incorporated in early 2004 in order to pioneer the development of an integrated playout and automation system in one computer. Today we know this a channel in a box (CIAB). The company now has several thousand users, using its wide product range from the cloud and standalone installations. Clients very from international broadcasters to start ups.

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