Qatar’s Aspire football academy selects ChyronHego Coach Paint Telestration

FR Chyron QatarAspire Academy, a football training facility based in the Middle Eastern state of Qatar, has made a significant investment in the ChyronHego Coach Paint video telestration tool. Aspire Academy has purchased 10 licenses of Coach Paint for use by its entire coaching staff to teach advanced concepts, reinforce correct technique, simulate game situations, and enhance scout preparation.

“At Aspire Academy we place a strong emphasis on applying advanced technologies in our elite-level training. Some of the biggest football clubs in Europe have adopted Coach Paint to improve their performance analysis, so we knew it would be a great fit here,” said Joao Nuno Fonseca, senior football match analyst, Aspire Academy and U19 Qatar National Team. “The software is tremendous because it gives us a flexible and easy-to-use tool for applying the same powerful visualisation and telestration effects seen on major sports broadcasts. We can just pick up a laptop and start using Coach Paint to enhance game and practice video footage and turn it into a teaching tool directly with the players. Plus, Coach Paint is sports-agnostic, so it’s a powerful tool for all sports!”

Founded in 2004, Aspire Academy is committed to finding and developing the best young Qatari athletes while also providing them with a high-quality secondary school education. In football the academy conducts scouting in local clubs and schools and operates talent centers and feeder groups to identify and recruit talented young athletes. Many of Aspire Academy’s student athletes have gone on to become standout players in international competitions. The centerpiece of the academy’s state-of-the-art facilities in Doha, Qatar, is the Aspire Dome, the world’s largest indoor multipurpose sports dome, with the capacity to house 13 simultaneous sporting events.

Designed for coaches of all sports, ChyronHego’s Coach Paint is an out-of-the-box software solution with a rich set of tools for highlighting sports videos, including player cut-out, spotlight, zoom, player tracking, zone tracking, and many other powerful telestration capabilities. Coach Paint also includes an easy-to-use chroma-keyer for placing telestrator graphics on the playing surface without covering field lines, players, or the ball. Like its broadcast counterpart, the Paint telestration family, Coach Paint is designed to integrate seamlessly with the award-winning TRACAB optical player tracking system from ChyronHego to give sports teams a complete ecosystem for capturing, visualising, and analysing player and team performance data. 

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