Remote production for automated stadium and studio broadcasts comes into play for MRMC

With the recommended reduction to unnecessary travel and large group congregations during the COVID-19 crisis, MRMC believes broadcasters and studios can nevertheless find a way forward at this difficult this time with remote integration and remote production/analysis tools and workflows.

What is the most important message from your company to customers and partners around Europe in light of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic?

Above all things, our message to our customers and partners at this time of global crisis is to stay safe, follow the guidelines and look after one another. We are living through extremely challenging times and we need to ensure that we do all we can to support everyone within our industry and the wider world.

At MRMC we are honoured to collaborate with many entrepreneurially spirited and gifted creatives and in these challenging times, as businesses are forced to make unprecedented choices around how to maintain continuity while complying with social distancing guidelines, we believe that we have the tools and technology to help.

Is there a way your company’s technology or services can specifically help sports media organisations and their workers to continue to produce content in more remote and collaborative ways at this time?

At MRMC, technology is at the heart of what we do, and we are in a position to help offer solutions that reduce this risk. We have range of proven remote production tools designed to cover everything from automated sports stadium broadcasts to small studio setups.

Below are a range of solutions to help studios, sports venues, educational institutions as well as the Film & TV industry maintain vital operations.

Maintaining live interactions & broadcast studios | universities | public speaking

With the recommended reduction to unnecessary travel and large group congregations, many studios, universities and other public speaking venues will be under pressure to support their everyday operations. Polymotion Chat is an ideal solution to keep necessary broadcast channels up and running, providing easy operation of multiple cameras through a single, simple UI (MHC) in a remote location.

Keeping sports in-play

The world of sports has been significantly affected, with many of the big associations either playing games behind closed doors, pausing matches or cancelling altogether. Clubs and associations will likely be restricting non-vital staff on-site, but with a remote production solution such as Polymotion Player, broadcasting and analysis can continue while being controlled remotely, requiring no on-site staff, also known as REMI (remote integration).

This solution means robotic camera systems like the Robotic Pod, AFC or high-payload capacity PTA-1 can be temporarily or permanently installed on-site to record and broadcast live games.

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