Ross Video targets mid-tier operations with Carbonite switcher

Ross Video will highlight its latest offerings for live production and infrastructure at IBC in Amsterdam, including a variety of routers geared towards both venues and mobile units, media servers, graphics systems, and routing systems.

Carbonite mid-size production switchers
Initially introduced at NAB 2011, the new Carbonite mid-size switcher series offers 1 & 2 MLE variants with 16 or 24 inputs. According to Ross, the new Multi-Definition 2RU production engine at the heart of Carbonite resembles that of high-end switchers. The browser-based MulitUserGUI that comes standard with Carbonite offers platform independent management of media stores and switcher controls from PC, MAC or iPad.

Vision QMD & Octane switchers
Ross Video’s Vision Series production switchers, the company’s flagship high-end switcher line, now feature selectable user layouts for its internal MultiViewers. The Vision series has also added a new 8 keyer MultiDSK module, doubling the layering power of program outputs. This new module is backward compatible with existing Vision switchers.

Studio Systems
Ross will also highlights its Studio Systems, an integrated package of the core live production tools, that combine Ross’ production switchers, character generators and video servers. This will include Ross’ CrossOver, Carbonite & Vision Studio Systems.

CrossOver Solo
IBC marks the European debut of CrossOver Solo; a compact switcher for outfits with limited space budgets. Based on the CrossOver 12, the 1MLE switcher that has the same features and specifications. However the main electronics and signal I/O are combined with the panel as a single unit.

OverDrive automated production control system
IBC 2011 will see the release of v10 software for OverDrive, as well as a new OverDrive feature called QuickTurn, which provides automated web delivery. New Version 10 features include: enhanced NRCS CG timing support, GlobalView user personality settings, and support for control of all 8 MLEs of Vision Octane.

QuickTurn aims to deliver newscast content quickly to the web.  It provides tools in the news room editorial system to identify and name web segments.  As the production airs, these segments are individually pushed to the web.

XPression 2D/3D CG & motion graphics system
This live graphics platform will debut new features, such as support for additional NLE and NRCS partners, a new entry-level system, and live demonstrations of Ross’ XPression VS virtual set system on the show floor.

The XPression Project Server allows users to share projects and move media within a facility or across an entire enterprise.  Ross and openMAM partner MediaBeacon collaborated to provide integrated, closed-loop asset/order management for XPression.  And, the XPression Remote Sequencer gives operators the ability to control an unlimited number of XPression systems or channels in a MOS environment from a single location.

Also new at IBC, the XPression NLE plug-in for Grass Valley Aurora editing systems adds to XPression’s existing support for Avid Media Composer and Newscutter.  For news, XPression now supports OCTOPUS Newsroom computer systems, along with Avid iNews and AP/ENPS.  Both the NLE and MOS plug-ins are powered by the new XPression Offline Engine – a headless graphic engine providing high-quality previews and rendered graphics.

Ross will also roll out XPression Prime, a new lower-cost version of XPression Studio.  Finally, XPression VS adds camera tracking, in addition to “trackless” functionality, to virtual set environments with XPression partner, Unreel Pictures.

SoftMetal video servers
SoftMetal v4.5 software will be showing at IBC for the SoftMetal 1000 and 3000 Series Video Servers. The new software release adds a variety of features and bug fixes including reverse looping, automated recovery mode under automation control, Media Manager channel lockout, and spanned media volumes.  Version 4.5 also adds support for the Snell Morpheus Automation and Media Management system.

openGear 3G/HD/SD multi-definition terminal equipment
openGear allows users to select product from a range of technology leaders without requiring multiple frame standards. The platform now offers “openGear Connect”, allowing any TCP/IP enabled product to integrate with DashBoard, while DashBoard 4.0 offers a new plugin, enabling User Rights and Management, configurable users and groups, with read/write access rights down to individual card parameters.

Ross Video expands the openGear portfolio with the introduction of the LDP-8242 Loudness processor that automatically manages and corrects loudness level changes in the audio content using the Linear Acoustic AEROMAX algorithms.  A range of Dolby processing solutions had been added that include an audio multiplexer, and an audio demultiplexer with Dolby decoding for Dolby E and Dolby Digitial and a frame synchronization series with DolbyE and Dolby Digital decode and encode. A new Nielsen Watermarks Encoder will be shown, a modular solution that comprises a 16 audio channel, 3 Gb/s processing core incorporating the new Nielsen Watermarks.  A range of metadata solutions, closed captioning monitoring and transport stream conversion and monitoring products will be also be on display. Ross metadata products allow insertion, extraction and monitoring of data in the HANC/ VANC space, such as SCTE-104 triggers, CC, AFD, GPI and Timecode. Transport stream products offer ASI/310 conversions, monitoring and reporting of ASI stream health and SCTE-35 trigger detection. Caption monitoring with the CDP-100 verifies CDP’s for compliance to SMPTE 334 with error reporting and logging of any variances.

Ross now offers a range of 1RU solutions for HD/SD data and closed captioning insertion. The TES series has the ability to insert and extract several data services simultaneously, such as CC, audio metadata, subtitling, and OP47. A transparent mode of operation is offered for the insertion of other data types into an HD/SD signal.

The Ross Fiber line continues to expand with the addition of DWDM. The combination of a C band MUX and an L band MUX/Combiner offers a total combined capability of 80 signals on a single fiber.

The UDC-8625 multi-function solution for Up, Down, Cross conversion, Keying, Logo Insertion, A/B mixing, all with audio video timing, processing, and synchronization will be show at a list price of $3,495 USD.

NK Series routing systems
Introduced at last year’s IBC, the NK Series is a family of router and control products ranging from fixed sizes of 16×4 1RU utility routers to 320×320 19RU facility routers, supporting a variety of matrix types including 3G, HD and SD SDI, balanced and unbalanced AES/EBU digital audio, analog video, stereo analog audio, and RS-422 data / machine control.

At IBC 2011 Ross Video will expand on the NK Series Routing System with the release of Resource Management on the NK-VRC virtual routing core and the addition of Jupiter ES Switch protocol on the NK-3RD third party interface.

The latest version of the software on the NK-VRC virtual routing core allows users to manage and control routing to and from external resources, such as format converters and tie lines, connected to one or more NK Series router. Resource management enables operators to seamlessly switch between sources of different formats in the same router (i.e. 3G, HD, and SD SDI) or across multiple routers (i.e. analog and digital audio) using NK Series control panels and interfaces, simplifying day-to-day operations.

The NK-3RD third party interface now adds Jupiter ESswitch protocol in addition to the currently supported ProBel SW-P-08 protocol, expanding on the capability of the NK Series Routers to interface to other routing and control systems.

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