RTVE captures the action at 2019 Rally of Morocco with TVU Networks

TVU Networks’ tech helped RTVE get up close and personal at the 2019 Morocco Rally

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE chose TVU Networks’ equipment to get up close on the action at this year’s Rally of Morocco, which took place from 3-9 October.

The Rally of Morocco has been ongoing since 1982 and is the most renowned rally in the country, bringing in the best racers every year. The dynamic event is made up of five off-road cross country stages that are raced in different categories including, cars, trucks, bikes, quads and SSVs on different routes in the countries north. To provide its viewers with an engaging live broadcast that fully embodied the intensity of the races, RTVE sought a set of solutions whose versatility could match the liveliness of the rally.

RTVE’s coverage was a unique blend of action captured at close range with a smartphone running TVU Anywhere and more static moments shot using a standard camera set up with TVU One.

TVU Anywhere, an application that turns mobile smart devices into HEVC transmitters with IS+ transmission algorithm, was paired with the ultra-compact TVU Nano Router, which helped to ensure smooth, interruption-free transmissions by providing up to 200Mbps of secure, high-speed internet by combining data from three different SIM providers. TVU Nano Router was a crucial part of RTVE’s setup because it made stable connectivity possible in spite of the remote conditions.

RTVE covered the 2019 Morocco Rally using TVU Networks’ kit

TVU One, the mobile live video transmitter with HEVC encoding, was also on standby for the event, deployed when RTVE needed to switch to a higher resolution transmission with ultra-low, sub-second latency. The combination of these TVU products helped RTVE effectively capture the fast-paced action of the 2019 Rally of Morocco, and the live broadcast was successfully aired to RTVE’s flagship website and TV channel.

“The compact nature of TVU Anywhere, TVU Nano Router and TVU One granted us the mobility to closely capture the quick movements of vehicles racing in the rally in real-time,” said a spokesperson from RTVE. “This is our second time deploying TVU’s solutions in extreme environmental conditions, the first being at the 2019 Dakar Rally. Again, we achieved unprecedented reliability, quality and latency for our coverage. The mobility of the equipment combined with the quality offered our viewers an unmatched experience.”

David Jorba, managing director for Europe at TVU Networks said: “Our variety of incredibly compact solutions enabled RTVE to air live IP video in full-HD and extremely low latency from a smartphone or TVU One to broadcast live to their flagship channel. The uninterrupted high-quality coverage from the 2019 Rally of Morocco is further testament to the unparalleled performance of our solutions in environments with less-than-ideal network conditions. We look forward to continuing to lead the industry by offering broadcasters a wider range of solutions to produce events professionally and reliably.”

TVU Nano Router is designed to be the smallest possible hardware solution for the high-quality contribution of video over WiFi, Ethernet and cellular networks. TVU Anywhere is a mobile app for capturing and streaming live video from anywhere, delivering picture quality usually reserved for more expensive professional video equipment. TVU One is an award-winning mobile IP video transmitter, representing a breakthrough in size and performance within the industry. TVU One and TVU Anywhere utilize HEVC/H.265 video compression standard to optimize data use and generate less overhead while delivering even greater transmission reliability.

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