Shapeshifter taps FileCatalyst for large media file transfer

Unlimi-Tech Software has announced the selection of FileCatalyst by Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter enhanced its file transfer capabilities by deploying FileCatalyst Webmail for ingestion and distribution of media files larger than 2GB.

As a postproduction house, Shapeshifter offers a number of services to their clients, ranging from color-correction/compositing /visual effects to audio mixing to Blu-ray authoring. These media-driven services require the exchange of digital assets, some of which are well in excess of 2GB in size. This had become a problem. Such large files were slow to transfer, and in the event of interruptions the files would not resume reliably, causing the entire transfer to start from the beginning.

Shapeshifter knew they needed something faster and more reliable, eliminating any delays in delivering services. At the same time, they recognized that some clients simply needed pure file transfer and saw the opportunity to offer a web-based file transfer solution. Since traditional file transfer could not meet either of these goals, Shapeshifter looked for alternatives. They found FileCatalyst.

“FileCatalyst stood out from the competition by providing all the features we needed, and at a competitive price,” says Russo Anastasio, president of Shapeshifter. “Their assistance in getting us up and running, as well as their continued support, has been exemplary.”

From the FileCatalyst product family, FileCatalyst Webmail most closely matched the Shapeshifter vision. Inherently browser-based, Webmail also uses email as a messaging medium, allowing clients and the Shapeshifter team to use familiar tools for large file transfer. This virtually eliminated the learning curve, getting users “on board” with the new system very quickly.

“Shapeshifter wanted to provide a great user experience as well as the ability to transfer large files,” says John Tkaczewski, president of Unlimi-Tech Software. “We work hard to make sure that our products are easy to use for everybody. If you know how to use a browser and your email, you can use any service based on FileCatalyst Webmail.”

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