Slomo.TV hits replay with SVG Europe Bronze sponsorship renewal

Slomo.TV, a producer of innovative server-based solutions for multichannel 4K/3G/HD slow motion replays, recording for NLE, video refereeing and VAR, has renewed its Bronze sponsorship of SVG Europe.

Igor Vitiorets, CTO at Slomo.TV, said: “Slomo.TV has a long-standing relationship with SVG Europe. We believe that SVG Europe is one of the most versatile platforms for sharing experiences and news in the field of TV and sports broadcasting. We attend SVG Europe events not only because we genuinely like them, but they are also very rewarding.”

Recent innovations for the company include the launch of Simple R 4K, a compact and cost-effective broadcast-grade 4K replay server. In addition, Slomo.TV’s FIFA-certified videoReferee VAR system has recently been adopted by the Tajikistan Football Federation.

The federation purchased a videoReferee8F VAR set to equip a VAR van which is being used during Tajikistan Higher League matches. The system records signals from up to eight cameras, providing the video referees with all the necessary tools to quickly analyse the moment and output the referee interface to the Referee Review Area (RRA). It is also integrated with the referee intercom system.

“For almost 20 years, Slomo.TV has been contributing to the international development of sports broadcasting and video refereeing,” added Vitiorets. “Remote production, goal-line high-speed camera replay and the VAR university franchise are some of Slomo.TV’s key features this year. Stay updated on Slomo.TV news with SVG Europe!”

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