SVG Europe Audio joins forces with audio broadcast podcast Pushing Faders

SVG Europe Audio is excited to announce it has joined forces with Pushing Faders, a broadcast audio-focused podcast.

Pushing Faders, which was launched late last year, is a broadcast and TV audio-based podcast. Each episode features a broadcast audio industry specialist.

The podcast is hosted by broadcast sound supervisor Chris Eckford. Since starting work in outside broadcasts in 2010, Eckford has gone on to mix at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and The FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia, as well as spending four years as a supervisor at Sky Production Services.

Pushing Faders’ Chris Eckford

Eckford commented on the association with SVG Europe: “I’m very happy to have SVG Europe onboard with Pushing Faders. Having the backing of such a great industry resource shows that people are interested in what the guests of the podcast have to say, and hopefully it will become a great way of sharing information and knowledge throughout the industry.”

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Heather McLean, head of SVG Europe Audio and an editor at SVG Europe, added: “We’re really happy to support Pushing Faders, which is a brilliant and entertaining resource that already features many friends of SVG Europe Audio. I’m looking forward to sharing future podcasts as Chris records them, and we hope you enjoy listening.”

Future episodes of Pushing Faders will be promoted by SVG Europe, and we will be hearing more from Eckford throughout the year.

Pushing Faders is available on all the usual podcast platforms. Click here for more details.

Episode Guide – click here to listen to them all 

  • Ian Rosam – industry stalwart Rosam discusses his career and how himself and fellow audiophile Robert Edwards help create the standard for football coverage
  • Henry Goodman – Goodman discusses the evolution of Calrec mixing consoles
  • Robert Edwards – Edwards covers his 50 year career in TV and his work in light entertainment
  • Richard Sillitto and Andy Tapley – Sillitto and Tapley discuss how they bring Strictly Come Dancing to TV screens
  • Lynn Munro – Munro  talks about her work on mixing the coverage of centre court at Wimbledon
  • Nev Hooper – Hooper discusses his career and his work with NEP and the company’s changes in technology to suit client needs
  • Mick Dwyer – Dwyer talks about how Dolby and Sky worked together to bring 5.1 and then Atmos to air
  • Tudor Davies – Davis covers his work on Later with Jools Holland
  • Ollie Nesham – Nesham discusses Red TX and projects he has worked on
  • Nigel Heath – BAFTA winning re-recording mixer on Downton Abbey, Heath talks about Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace
  • Rob Ashard – this is a two part podcast looking at Ashard’s career and how he goes about his light entertainment work

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