SportTech 2018: How Eurosport delivered Games to 48 countries in 21 languages

The opening session at SVG Europe’s SportTech summit at Chelsea FC on May 30 will feature senior executives from Discovery and key partners looking back at the Europe-wide delivery of the PyeongChang Games in February.

When Discovery Communications and Eurosport secured the rights to the 2018 Winter Olympics one question was on everyone’s mind: how does a sports production team make its Olympic debut by doing the unthinkable: delivering the games to 48 countries in 21 languages?

It was a massive effort that required an amazing amount of planning, coordination and discipline. With the closing of the Games, Discovery Eurosport had delivered on its commitment to engage more people on more screens than ever before across Europe. Discovery Eurosport executives and key partners will take to the SportTech stage during this informative session on May 30 to discuss how they did the unthinkable.

Moderating the session is Fergal Ringrose, SVG Europe, Executive Editor and the confirmed speakers are Donald Begg, NEP Major Projects, Director of Technology; Marius Borge, Product Manager Mediabank, NEP Media Services; Simon Farnsworth, Discovery Communications, Executive Vice President Sports & European Technology; and David Roulson, Discovery Communications, Vice President of Olympics Engineering.

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Registration for SportTech is open to senior professionals working in the business of European broadcast sports production. This includes representatives from the following types of organisation: broadcasters, OBs, facilities, clubs, associations, production, education and venues. SVG Europe reserves the right to refuse any application to attend. We will inform you as soon as possible if this is the case.

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