Stepping Stones: Rigging the future with EMG The Netherlands Rosan Fluks

EMG the Netherland’s Rosan Fluks

Rosan Fluks, rigger at EMG Netherlands, is excited by the variety of work her job involves and sees a long career in sports broadcasting ahead of her. This article is part of our Stepping Stones series, showcasing young female talent in sports broadcasting.

What is your job role today and what do you love about it?

My job role is rigger. I like that every day is different, and that I can work from studios to football stadiums.

What does your current job entail on a day to day basis?

We ensure that all equipment arrives on location and is connected to the OB van. We also assist the camera crew.

Can you talk us through your relevant education that helped you break into the sports broadcasting industry?

I followed the AV Specialist course in Groningen [Netherlands]. During my studies I did an internship at the regional broadcaster RTV Drenthe. That’s where I heard about EMG, where I’ve been working for one and a half years now!

“Above all, be yourself and if you show that you want to learn, everyone will want to help you.”

Rosan Fluks, rigger at EMG the Netherlands, enjoys her job

How did you get your first job in sports broadcasting, what was the role, and when?

My first football match with EMG was FC Utrecht against Ajax on 28 August 2022. That day we laid the cables for the equipment, and I assisted the cameraman who filmed the bus arrival, and I also helped with the desk interviews and broke everything down again after the match. Ajax won 0-2 that day.

What happened next to get you where you are today?

After that first football match, many more followed. I now sometimes prepare football matches as head rigger, and together we ensure that all matches are shown on TV! I also worked on the EK Wielrennen Cycling and Roland Garros.

What job would you like to have in in five to 10 years’ time? What are your career goals?

First I would like to develop my career as a rigger, as there is a lot of opportunity to learn in our discipline. In a few years I would like to move on to another discipline in the company.

Can you give us some top tips that really helped you get where you are today? 

Above all, be yourself and if you show that you want to learn, everyone will want to help you.

Can you give us some tips on things not to do or to avoid when trying to get a role you really want?

Don’t be somewhere else with your thoughts.

What would you say are the barriers to getting a job in the broadcast industry?

You work irregular hours and on weekends, when most people are off.

What would you recommend to other people thinking of working in the broadcast industry?

Look for a house nearby, where you can relax after your busy working days.

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