Streambox to debut Live Pro Encoder

Streambox Live Pro Encoder will make its debut at IBC 2011. This enhanced version of Streambox Live features uncapped bandwidth, full D1 resolution, and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). Streambox Live Pro Encoder will utilize more available bandwidth on cellular networks to send professional quality video.

Streambox Live Pro is a scalable, software-based service. The cornerstone of Streambox Live Pro is the Streambox Live Pro Encoder. Contributors affiliated with broadcast groups and local television stations will be able to download the encoder onto laptops and desktops.

Broadcasters subscribing to the Streambox Live Pro service are able to manage, track, and view video uploads from contributors. The broadcaster can also manage digital rights for video contributions and search for relevant video clips using metadata information.

Streambox Enterprise Server

Streambox Enterprise Server is designed for broadcasters to capture content by providing an acquisition platform that can be used to manage and play out live and file-based video sent from the field. Enterprise Server consists of the Distribution Server, Store and Forward Server, and Interrupted Feedback Broadcast (IFB). Broadcasters will have the ability to use Streambox acquisition platform products in their workflow for client encoding software devices, management servers, and multiple playout options.

Streambox Avenir

Avenir is designed for field newsgathering, sports broadcasting, and other mobile live and file-based video applications. Avenir is Streambox’s first hardware-based mobile encoder to offer up to eight 3G/4G bonded wireless network cellular modems for high-quality HD or SD in a portable form factor, enabling live or file-based video acquisition over a variety of low-data-rate networks. Avenir uses 4G LTE’s higher bandwidth capabilities to send HD/SD broadcast quality video. The Streambox Avenir is a battery-operated mobile encoder designed to send HD/SD live and file-based video content over a variety of IP networks. Reporters can also access the user interface through wireless devices. The Avenir harnesses Streambox’s ACT-L3 codec to capture and encode high-quality HD content in 1080i or 720p format, at data rates of up to 20 Mbps, and SD content in NTSC or PAL from 64 Kbps to 8 Mbps.

At IBC 2011, Streambox will debut several new features for Avenir. Field Edit Mode will allow users to extract files directly from Avenir to edit on a laptop and then import the edited files back to Avenir via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or LAN connections. Remote Management Tool will allow administrators to configure and manage Avenir’s presets from the control room, enabling a non-technical crew to operate in the field. With Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol, Avenir will be able to automatically monitor available IP networks and only use connections that offer low latency. All Networks Mode will allow users to bond different IP network types (3G/4G, Wi-Fi, BGAN, LAN) for maximum bandwidth to ensure a reliable video stream

Streambox 3D

Streambox 3D is a low-latency full-frame left and full-frame right 4:2:2 HD 3D 1RU encoder/decoder. The HD 3D Encoder/Decoder is built on the company’s ACT-L3 video compression technology, and includes the advanced video and networking features found in existing Streambox professional video products. The HD 3D Encoder/Decoder has sub-second end-to-end full HD 3D capture to playout capabilities with an adjustable latency setting. The Streambox HD 3D Encoder/Decoder is designed for low-bandwidth HD 3D video acquisition and transport, and enables users to capture and transmit live and file-based 3D video over existing HD 2D bandwidth infrastructures.

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