Super Bowl LVIII: Inside the largest Super Bowl production ever

The HDR monitor wall inside NEP’s SSCBS mobile unit in Las Vegas

With 165 cameras, Super Bowl LVIII is set to be the largest Super Bowl production ever, with CBS Sports preparing since 2022 for the match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

SVG is on site in Las Vegas to find out about all aspects of the mammoth production, with reporting by Ken Kerschbaumer, Jason Dachman and Kristian Hernandez.

Live From Super Bowl LVIII: Behind the Scenes with director Mike Arnold and producer Jim Rikhoff

SVG caught up with some of the leaders of CBS Sports’ production and creative teams at the Super Bowl LVIII CBS Media Day event at the Mandalay Bay earlier this week, chatting with lead game Director Mike Arnold; lead game producer Jim Rikhoff; The NFL Today producer Drew Kaliski; executive producer/EVP, production, Harold Bryant; and VP, on-air graphics and design, JP LoMonaco. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: CBS Sports’ Jason Cohen on the new ‘Doink Cam’

CBS Sports VP, remote technical operations, Jason Cohen sat down with SVG during a CBS Media Day event to discuss how the broadcaster will make the city of Las Vegas shine and offered a deep dive into the development of the much anticipated “doink cam.” More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: CBS Sports execs offer a preview of the production’s biggest tech advances

Key executives from CBS Sports detailed some of the upcoming production highlights for Super Bowl LVIII in a conference call from Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium yesterday afternoon. The game will be delivered to viewers of both CBS Sports and Nickelodeon via productions operating side-by-side in the TV compound. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: CBS Sports to field 165 cameras for massive production

CBS Sports provided detailed production plans for Super Bowl LVIII, with the regular CBS Sports production complemented by Nickelodeon’s “Nickified” Super Bowl broadcast and NFL Today productions from both the Vegas Strip and Allegiant Stadium, 165 cameras will be deployed for the Big Game. The game also will mark the first time that CBS Sports presents the Super Bowl in 1080p HDR and 4K HDR. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: Nickelodeon, CBS Sports to show off AR, XR tech

The CBS Sports TV compound for Super Bowl LVIII will be a little bit larger than usual, housing production facilities not only for the CBS Sports production but also for the Nickelodeon production, which will bring the Big Game to Bikini Bottom, the realm of SpongeBob SquarePants. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: CBS Sports rolls out 1080p HDR production workflow with 4K HDR feed distribution

Fans tuning into watch Super Bowl LVIII on Paramount+ will have a chance to experience the Big Game in 1080p HDR. Producing it has been a year-long process of experimentation and new workflows, moving toward a production environment in which this year’s show is produced in 1080p HDR, upconverted to 4K HDR for select MVPDs and vMVPDs, and downconverted to 1080i SDR for mass delivery to viewers on CBS. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: NFL Network set to air 70+ hours of related live content

For the 21st year, NFL Media is on-location providing comprehensive, wall-to-wall coverage of Super Bowl Week. With more than 70 hours of live coverage, NFL Network and NFL Digital Media are the go-to destinations for expert analysis, the latest news and reports, special guest appearances, matchup-related programming, and more in the lead-up to Super Bowl LVIII. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: San Francisco 49ers integrate savvy digital strategy and flavour of local fanbase

While the world wishes it wasn’t a repeat of 2020, the San Francisco 49ers are working towards a better outcome against a similar foe — the Kansas City Chiefs — that they faced in Super Bowl LIV. On the digital and social media front, the ones developing content for the Faithful in the Bay are bringing a slice of home with them to the championship game four years later. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: Kansas City Chiefs’ video production team descends on Vegas

Kansas City Chiefs VP, content and production, Rob Alberino and a team of more than 20 video and podcast creators arrived in Las Vegas earlier this week, ready to capture Opening Night and everything else Super Bowl LVIII Week will offer. More here.

Super Bowl LVIII: Coaches to rely on Verizon 5G private network – are broadcasters next?

Verizon’s private wireless solution, referred to as “coach-to-coach,” played a pivotal role in every NFL game this season, and this year marks the very first time the technology will be used during a Super Bowl game. Super Bowl LVIII will continue the evolution of 5G integration across nearly every aspect of the fan experience, venue operations, and even broadcast operations like communications, cameras, and audio-signal transport. More here.

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