SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner announces first broadcaster supporters

SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner is excited to announce its first Sports Broadcasting Partners.

These Partners are extending the reach of Speakers Corner with their own extensive networks, further validating the work of SVG Europe Women.

The first sports broadcasters to join SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner are: BBC Sport; BT Sport; DAZN; ITV Sport; ORF; Sky Deutschland; Sky Production Services; and Sky Sports.

More Sports Broadcasting Partners will be announced soon.

SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner is a secure managed database of female speakers designed to help get more women on stage – both physical and virtual – at events throughout the sports broadcasting industry in Europe, and beyond.

The new Sports Broadcasting Partners are making that network of potential speakers far greater, said internal head of SVG Europe Women and SVG Europe Editor, Heather McLean.

Making plans to bring more women into technical engineering courses and roles within sports broadcasting on the Engineers V Educators panel at SVG Europe Women’s Winter Networking Event 2020, at BT Sport with Timeline TV, chaired by sports presenter, Sarra Elgan

She explained: “I am extremely excited to have gained this level of support from the sports broadcasting industry for Speakers Corner. Not every woman in the sports broadcasting industry either knows about or will necessarily sign up to be on the Speakers Corner database. These fantastic new Sports Broadcasting Partners are making this network much larger and more powerful; if I am not able to fulfil a speaking request via the database, I can instead call on the broadcasters to see if they have a potential speaker within their fulltime or freelancer staff.

“This is a perfect example of the support, collaboration and community spirit that SVG Europe Women, and SVG Europe itself, is at the heart of. I can’t wait to launch Speakers Corner to the wider broadcasting industry,” she added. “We can all be part of making sure women’s voices are heard everywhere.”

SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner is set to be officially ‘open for business’ as soon as the new SVG Europe Women website – which is currently being developed – is launched.

While the Speakers Corner database is growing, more potential female speakers are needed.

Both experienced and novice speakers from all backgrounds, but particularly women with experience working within the sports broadcasting industry as a member of crew on location on in the studio, are sought.

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