Telestream to debut Pipeline Replay system

Telestream will feature a new video replay and analysis system for sports and live events, new high-performance transcoding products for the creation and delivery of OTT multiscreen content, and Vantage GPU acceleration, as well as powerful partner integration and partner opportunities.

The company will debut its new Pipeline Replay system. Developed for NASCAR’s 2012 racing season, the NASCAR Pipeline Replay project was named as a finalist in the IBC2012 Innovation Awards. Pipeline Replay multichannel video player software combines with Pipeline HD systems to provide video capture and instant, synchronous playback of multiple high-definition camera feeds. The Replay system provides sports officials with a cost-effective, easy-to-use means to simultaneously view and analyze synchronized video from different camera angles.

New Vantage Multiscreen transcoding software combines with Telestream’s new Lightspeed server to accelerate video transcoding and packaging for OTT multiscreen, web, and mobile delivery. Vantage Multiscreen addresses the unique requirements of adaptive bit rate (ABR) production and packaging by automating the entire process of source file decoding, video image processing, parallelized H.264 encoding, packaging, encryption, and archiving. The Lightspeed server is architected for acceleration of video processing and H.264 encoding on parallel GPUs and multicore CPUs to produce high quality images at a fast speed.

A new offering, the Vantage Multiscreen Pro bundle, combines Vantage Multiscreen software, the new Telestream Lightspeed server, and Vantage Transcode Pro software to provide a powerful and complete video transcoder solution. This collection provides a broad spectrum of video transcoding format support and device interoperability. Create and deliver content for any digital video application from broadcast TV to tablets to mobile phones from a single solution.

New Vantage Transcode 4.0 features will also be demonstrated. Advanced video processing includes 16-bit 4:4:4:4 YUV image quality, vastly improved up/down/cross conversion and deinterlacing. New support for the x264 codec for high-quality H.264 transcoding, plus support for broadcast and sports file formats includes AS02. Vantage also expands its workflow automation capabilities with CALM Act loudness control, Web caption support, greater support for Avid production workflows, and Screen MediaMate subtitling and captioning workflows.

Wirecast all-in-one live streaming production software will show new partnership options that will enable a greater number of partners to easily integrate their hardware or their live streaming services directly with Wirecast. Building on Telestream’s success in prior partnerships, these new offerings bring Wirecast’s high-quality live video production capabilities to more users.

Episode desktop and server encoding software will demonstrate its recent integration with Autodesk, which makes it easy for Smoke and Flame users to access the encoding capabilities of Episode products. New support for the x264 codec will also be featured. With the addition of this codec, Telestream continues the tradition of bringing high-quality video encoding to all Episode users.

Telestream will also feature its full line of Vantage 4.0 transcoding and intelligent workflow automation solutions, Episode encoding, FlipFactory transcoding, Agility on-demand video production, and Wirecast live streaming production products at IBC2012.

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