Tinkerlist renews Bronze SVG Europe sponsorship as focus on Cuez continues

Tinkerlist, perhaps best known for Cuez, its cloud-based script and rundown platform, has renewed its Bronze sponsorship of SVG Europe.

“We decided to renew because we’re launching Cuez. Cuez is the new product of Tinkerlist and will eventually become our main brand,” revealed Aaron Nuytemans, head of growth at Tinkerlist.

“We built Cuez by talking to a lot of the biggest esports and sports companies in Europe. We learned a lot about the specifics they expect and want from a script and rundown tool. Tools used today are very often newsroom systems adapted to sport. We are sports-first, so obviously we want to be close to the audience of SVG Europe. Furthermore, we like attending the events because they inspire us to tailor our tool further to what sports entities and broadcasters expect.”

“I think we’re arguably the first cloud-based rundown system for sports, which also enables full cloud or on-prem automation and coverage, with special attention to communication to rightholders,” he continued.

Cuez was recently used by Karl Vannieuwkerke and his team to produce ‘Vive le vélo’. ‘Vive le vélo’, a daily talkshow that follows the Tour de France. Students at the UK’s Solent University also utilised it on a major sports livestream of a Solent Kestrels basketball game –  the culmination of their years studying TV production. Because of its cloud-based nature, Cuez enabled the team to link the studio to the tools located in the sports complex, enabling seamless coordination across locations.

“2024 is the year we want to go further: TV is no longer TV, but it needs to be supplemented by social media, websites, podcasts, … production, which we will be working on this year. We will also integrate deeper with all best-of-breed MAMs and other tools used by sports producers,” he concluded.

“We think SVG is a voice for an important part of the industry and we want to support that as much as we can.”

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