UK’s ITN Productions selects ChyronHego’s IP-based PRIME Graphics platform

ITN Productions has chosen ChyronHego’s PRIME Graphics platform for a major English sports federation’s live OTT match coverage. PRIME Graphics is the universal graphics engine for ITN Productions’ new all-IP-based broadcast operation, which supports an expansion of the sports league’s OTT service into the U.K. with live streaming of more than 1,800 matches every season. 

“This sports federation, one of England’s most venerable, has had great success with its OTT streaming platform for overseas subscribers. When it came time to expand the service into the U.K., the organization was looking to up its production value and add live match graphics. But it needed to do so in as cost-effective a manner as possible,” said Ian Auger, head of engineering, ITN. “PRIME Graphics is the ideal solution because its high channel density has allowed us to keep costs down and make the service feasible even for clubs in the lower-tier leagues. PRIME Graphics also meets another important requirement — IP readiness — since we’ve deployed the operation based on the SMPTE ST 2022-6 standard.”  

ITN Productions is now producing a live feed for every match played by all 72 clubs in the federation at each tier of competition, with up to 36 matches streamed simultaneously at certain times of the year. Installed at the ITN Productions data center in Slough, U.K., the PRIME Graphics system offers up to eight channel inputs and outputs, with four I/Os currently being utilized for the OTT service. Each live broadcast match feed entering the PRIME Graphics system is automatically customized with its own graphics presentation, and then matches are output for streaming to multiple destinations. 

In addition to its high channel density, the PRIME Graphics software features compatibility with the .NET development framework from Microsoft — an important requirement for the ITN Productions team since many of its streaming capabilities are developed in-house using .NET. For instance, configuration, control, and output of graphics is managed with a .NET-based application, and PRIME Graphics’ .NET support offers a future-proof benefit by ensuring that the deployment can be easily integrated and expanded into the future.

“The ITN Productions installation is a landmark for many reasons, but perhaps it’s most notable as one of the first successful deployments of PRIME Graphics in an all-IP environment,” said Robin Adams, U.K. managing director, ChyronHego. “The decentralized nature of the installation, with the PRIME Graphics system deployed at a remote data center, is a great showcase for IP’s ability to create redundancy and reduce infrastructure costs. Plus, ITN Productions’ strategy to leverage PRIME Graphics’ high channel density is brilliant, giving all of the federation’s clubs a cost-effective, centralized capability for streaming their matches. It’s a great use case for the solution’s ability to support even complex broadcast environments with a single universal graphics platform.”  

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