DiGiCo, Calrec debut connectivity

This year’s IBC sees DiGiCo and Calrec debut the connectivity between Calrec’s Hydra 2 and DiGiCo’s SD Racks, which is facilitated by DiGiCo’s new 2U Orange box, which is a simple to use audio format converter with multiple options.

The new compact 2U Orange Box is a simple-to-use audio format converter with multiple options, allowing you to use DiGiCo Multichannel Interface (DMI) cards to create audio paths over a variety of interfaces.

With two PSUs for redundancy and two slots to accommodate any of the ten current interfaces available (DANTE, HYDRA2, BNC, CAT5, Optocore, Aviom, ADC, AES, DAC, and SoundGrid), the ‘anything in, anything out’ Orange Box allows conversion of almost any audio format to another.

The Orange Box is DiGiCo’s first technology release borne of Audiotonix, the pro audio group formed with Calrec and Allen&Heath. It has also been opened up to other selected third party manufacturers as well, making it an incredibly useful device.

If, for example, clients wish to connect a product with MADI to one with a Hydra2 connection, all that’s needed is the Orange Box a DMI card with Calrec’s Hydra2 and one with MADI, then simply connect them via the two slots on the Orange Box.

There are currently ten DMI cards available, but there are plans for more available in the future.

Also on show will be DiGiCo’s new S21, plus the broadcast specific SD7B, SD10B, SD9B, and SD11B.

The S21 delivers a different approach to digital mixing, with DiGiCo’s Stealth Digital Processing at its core. This FPGA based technology is the key that unlocks the flexibility that the R&D designers need to specify and deliver the ultimate console. This has already been demonstrated, with every console in the SD range benefitting from complimentary advancements in core processing and software since their launch.

S21 is an entry-level console that retains all the features and values DiGiCo is known for in terms of quality, ergonomics and style, at a price point that allows even more audio engineers to join the DiGiCo family.

When show attendees walk up to the console they will be able to instantly tell it is a full member of the DiGiCo stable. The build quality and design takes on all DiGiCo’s core values such as aluminium extrusions, RGB switch encoders with HTL (Hidden Til Lit), Polycarbonate overlays and two large multi-touch screens that allow the operator to get an overview of what is at their finger tips.

The challenge the team faced in R&D was providing a true pro ‘high-end’ console at the desired price point. The brief was very strict; to develop a console that gave the operator all the sensations they would get when stood behind the SD7.

The result is a worksurface design that speaks for itself. In terms of audio, users have the same FPGA algorithms as the SD7 and the Mic Pre design is lifted from the 192kHz SD-Rack. The audio statistics on S21 are very much high end and it delivers 96kHz with no processing limitations like all the other DiGiCo consoles.

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