IBC 2016: Net Insight launches virtualized Nimbra VA, ScheduALL Cloud

Net Insight has launched a virtualized version of its Internet Media Transport solution – the Nimbra VA. Adding to the company’s unique approach to Customer and Application Provisioned Networking, the virtualized Nimbra VA lets broadcasters and service providers easily extend their media networks to the cloud.

Net Insight logoCloud technology is about to disrupt traditional production, making broadcast workflows more agile than ever before. Still, getting live content to and from the cloud is a challenge, often limiting broadcasters to non-live productions. As a consequence, service providers will need to support their customers with media connectivity to data centers and public cloud services, as well as reliable inter- and intra-cloud connectivity. Traditionally this has been difficult, as doing so with dedicated hardware is not only costly but also inflexible.

The virtualized Nimbra VA makes live media contribution to any cloud environment a reality, finally enabling live workflows to move to the cloud. In addition it enables service providers to automate their service deployments, providing a more dynamic service offering in all steps of the service chain – from ingest to playout.

“We see a clear trend where our customers expect a higher degree of flexibility, both in terms of service adaption and a quicker service turn-up, and also in terms of business models such as occasional use,” says Kris Barker, head of connected solutions at Arqiva. “As a provider of media services, we believe NFV and SDN technology such as the virtualized Nimbra VA will not only help us to serve our customers better and more rapidly than anyone else, but will also enable us to continuously reinvent ourselves and stay competitive.”

Net Insight has previously outlined its vision for future media networks, where NFV together with Customer and Application Provisioned Networking provides services tailored to each customer’s requirements, on-demand and without lead times. Dynamic applications and cloud connectivity are key components in making this vision a reality.

“Cloud based production is challenging service providers to deliver new types of services, but also to adapt to faster changes in the market. Virtualized solutions such as the Nimbra VA gives them the tools to do so,” says Martin Karlsson, CTO and vice president product portfolio at Net Insight. “Their dynamic nature means that wherever they are needed, they can be deployed and adjusted in real-time to meet customer demands in an elastic fashion.”

The virtualized Nimbra VA is available for select customers now, with general availability in 2017.

In addition, Net Insight also launched ScheduALL Cloud, a public cloud version of its ScheduALL solution, in addition to introducing the company’s ScheduALL Mobility Portfolio.

Net Insight’s ScheduALL Cloud gives those at the forefront of the media and broadcast industry access to best-in-class scheduling capabilities wherever they are. Offering the unrivaled scheduling power of ScheduALL as a cloud service allows any size organization to employ scheduling capabilities that fit their needs. With multiple functionality and support options and a monthly user-based pricing model, organizations can easily grow their solution in both size and functionality as their requirements evolve.

Broadcasters, production, and postproduction houses not only have the power to plan, schedule, and manage all available resources, but also to gain full financial visibility and measure time spent on each part of a project. With ScheduALL Cloud this visibility can be used to inform all operational decisions, making sure everyone has the information they need.

With Net Insight’s ScheduALL Cloud, no longer is this powerful scheduling technology reserved for the organizations with their own on-premise IT. Now any size of broadcast organization will be able to focus on creating and distributing great content instead of spending valuable time on technology management and maintenance.

Bringing the power of ScheduALL to the cloud, is not enough. With such a business critical application, having access on the go and from any location is essential. For mobile personnel Net Insight is also introducing the ScheduALL Mobility Portfolio, with a set of applications tailored to different users and needs. The mobile version
of the award-winning ScheduALL Portal provides a simple way to book resources in real-time.

“Acquiring, editing, transcoding, storing, and distributing media content is all done with complex workflows,” says Karlsson. “Net Insight’s ScheduALL helps the world’s largest broadcasters and producers manage these workflows in simple ways. With the introduction of Net Insight’s ScheduALL Cloud and ScheduALL Mobility Portfolio, we now bring the ability to manage such workflows to everyone.

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