NewTek Unveils 3Play 4800 Replay Server

NewTek (Booth SL4610) unveiled 3Play 4800, a multicamera replay server that gives sports producers greater access to redundant capture, sophisticated visual effects, live replay switching, high-quality slow motion, and social-media publishing—in a single, turnkey system. 3Play 4800 is available immediately priced at $39,995.

Sports venues, leagues, and teams recognize that success is linked to building, maintaining, and growing a fan base and enhancing the game experience. But the high cost of common replay-server technology has prevented most stadiums, colleges, teams, and leagues from gaining access to the tools they need to stay competitive. 3Play 4800 is intended to enable sports producers in any market to add professional instant replays, dramatic slow motion, and social-media publishing to their games.

3Play 4800 provides out-of-the-box integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, allowing operators to instantly deliver media into their existing dialog with fans.

The Toolset of 3Play 4800
3Play 4800 offers more real-time capabilities in a single turnkey system than other replay servers. Top features of the system include:

  • Redundant Capture: Redundant capture of up to four live video sources doubles up ISO recordings and protects all media assets. Users can also choose to simultaneously record all eight inputs as separate camera feeds to add more angles as needed.
  • High-end Visuals: Live animated, 3D-warped visual transition effects for switching and in-program editing, with custom animation creation and import of graphic elements.
  • Live Replay Switching: Users can monitor all angles during replay and transition among them video-switcher style, providing a completely finished replay segment within moments, animated transitions and all, to output to switcher, feed the video board, or upload to the Web.
  • High-Quality Slow Motion: Clear, crisp slow-motion playback is provided with both standard HD or SD cameras, achieved with a super-resolution algorithm for sharper slow motion and dramatic stills alike.
  • Social-Media Publishing: Content is easily distributed to multiple social-media sites in one pass—even during live production — for a unified, immediate brand presence.

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