Telestream Integrates VidChecker QC With Vantage Workflow

Telestream (Booth SL2605) is demonstrating the integration of Vantage video-transcoding and workflow-orchestration products with VidChecker, second-generation auto-QC (quality control) software from VidCheck.

Broadcasters and content producers require their own mix of outputs, often with one-off custom versions for different clients. VidChecker allows users to do an independent check to ensure that the different versions created by Vantage exactly match the versions required by the end client. With sophisticated product integration, all of this can be done within one fully automated and unified system.

VidChecker QC software appears as an icon in the Vantage graphical user interface. Users select VidChecker QC as part of the Vantage workflow, choose the testing template, and then see the QC results within the Vantage interface. The quality-control results can be used to select further steps in the Vantage workflow.

VidChecker not only checks but also corrects the most common video and audio problems in file-based media. It also ensures that postproduction content, commercials, music videos, and other types of file-based media from content distributors are immediately ready for distribution and play out on Web services, VOD, and TV broadcasts. 

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