Tiffen Launches Lowel GL-1 Power LED Light

Tiffen (Booths C8818, C9015) has begun shipping the new compact, battery-powered Lowel GL-1 power LED light through the Lowel Domestic and International Dealer Network. 

The Lowel GL-1 power LED is a battery-powered, focusable and dimmable, photo-quality tungsten color LED light. Users can control the diameter of the light beam, focusing from a tight spot to a wide flood, and the beam is very even, from edge to edge, with no hot spots.

Designed in conjunction with wedding and event photographers Brian Marcus and John Solano, the GL-1 complements DSLR cameras, letting shooters harness the creative potential of high-ISO shoots.

Its dimming ability lets users vary the amount of light output from 5% to 100%, without any shift in color temperature, to match the atmosphere of the location. With the integrity of the atmosphere maintained, photographers and videographers can see the exact effect the light has on a shot.

The Lowel GL-1 power LED light is available today priced at $699.95.

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