TVU Networks Launches TVU Grid

TVU Networks, a global technology leader in portable live electronic news gathering (ENG) broadcast solutions, announced the launch of TVU Grid, a powerful yet simple video distribution, routing, and switching solution that gives broadcasters the ability to seamlessly switch live IP video content, and easily and cost effectively share live video streams between multiple remote locations. TVU Grid offers unlimited scalability, making it an ideal point-to-point or point-to-multipoint live video distribution solution for network affiliates and station groups.

“We are witnessing a rapidly growing shift from digital to IP, and TVU Grid is the next step in the move to an IP-only broadcast TV station. TVU Grid knocks down the walls of broadcast stations, enabling them to efficiently switch and route video content from any location and distribute their own content to anywhere with just the click of a button,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.  “We have worked closely with our large customers to develop a simple video distribution solution that fits seamlessly into their existing ecosystem. Whether you’re a station group or a network with O&O affiliates, TVU Grid represents the next evolution of technology for TV stations.”

TVU Grid Live Switch Screen

TVU Grid Live Switch Screen

TVU Grid consists of the TVU Grid Transceiver, TVU Grid Switch Panel, TVU Grid Server, and TVU Grid Management Server.  The widely adopted TVUPack, TVUPack Mini and TVU Anywhere mobile broadcast solutions are also an integral part of the TVU Grid ecosystem.

With TVU Grid Transceiver, broadcasters can distribute live video captured by any SDI input source including portable wireless broadcast devices like TVUPack transmitters, professional cameras, video switchers, standard media players and local live studio feeds with minimal latency. TVU Grid utilizes the new TVU Transceiver, a powerful purpose-built server capable of receiving and transmitting Grid streams as well as receiving and decoding TVUPack transmissions. A number of the largest and most respected Media Organizations and station groups have already deployed TVU Grid in the field, including Gray Television.

“As one of the largest broadcast groups in the United States, the ability to share live video between multiple locations gives our stations a tremendous competitive advantage,” said Jim Ocon, vice president, operations, Gray Television. “TVU Grid will provide us with another powerful tool to be the first to get important footage to viewers.”

The TVU Grid Solution offers a number of features and functionality:

  • Point to Point and Multipoint Distribution – The TVU Grid transceiver enables stations to input an SDI feed or connect to a TVUPack transmitter in the field and distribute the feed to any number of other transceivers on the Grid network. TVU Grid’s simple to use interface gives operators fine grained control over switching and routing of video streams from anywhere on the Grid network.
  • Frame Accurate IP Video Switch – With TVU Grid, broadcasters can now switch between different IP-based transmission video streams with no disruption of the video.  TVU’s unique and proprietary technology makes it possible to transition between live video feeds from different locations without any interruption.
  • Unlimited Switching – TVU Grid enables broadcasters to input an unlimited number of video streams and switch between them on the fly. As a result, broadcast stations can switch to any content from anywhere on the Grid network without the use of a converter, dramatically increasing the number of video feeds accessible to the broadcast station. 
  • Simple Operation – TVU Grid Switch Panel features an optimized user-friendly interface that simplifies video signal distribution to compatible transceivers within your Grid network, enabling broadcasters to distribute video streams on the fly with just the click of a button. 
  • Utilize Existing Infrastructure – With TVU Grid, broadcasters can utilize their existing infrastructure by transmitting video between transceivers over their existing network environment. Additionally, Grid can easily scale to the needs of a broadcaster’s network by simply adding additional transceivers.

TVU Grid will be on display at NAB 2013 in TVU booth SU7105 and is immediately available for purchase.

The company has also expanded integration of its TVUPack Mini camera-mountable 3G/4G cellular uplink solutions with cameras from the world’s top three camera manufacturers. TVUPack is the first cellular uplink platform available that offers an integrated camera-mountable solution with professional cameras from Panasonic, Sony, and JVC.

At just two pounds, TVUPack Mini offers a powerful video transmission solution in a small form factor. TVUPack Mini utilizes multiple 3G/4G/WiFi wireless connections to deliver high quality HD picture, giving broadcasters the ability to go live from practically any location with just the push of a single button. TVUPack Mini offers integrated camera-mountable solutions for cameras from the following manufacturers:

Panasonic – TVUPack Mini is now fully-integrated with the Panasonic AG-HPX600 series of cameras. As part of this integration, Panasonic camera operators can now monitor the TVUPack Mini’s transmission status, bandwidth usage and connection quality in the viewfinder window, giving field crews an easy way to keep track of each live transmission without interrupting the shot. Camera operators can also get a more detailed snapshot of the transmission status with the push of a button on the camera, enabling video crews to easily make adjustments to live shots on the fly. Panasonic integration is also available for the TVUPack TM8100 and TM8200 backpack transmitters.

Sony – Making its debut at NAB, TVUPack Mini SE is a fully-integrated purpose-built camera mountable ENG solution purpose built for Sony PMW/PDW XDCAM camcorders. TVUPack Mini SE attaches directly onto the 50-pin interface on the camera without the use of any additional cables. Additionally, TVUPack Mini SE offers full camera integration, delivering a real-time tally of transmission status directly in the viewfinder. With its integrated design, TVUPack Mini SE operates as part of the camera, delivering live video with the push of a button.

JVC – TVU and JVC have worked together to offer a powerful live mobile broadcast solution combining TVUPack Mini with JVC GY-HM700 professional cameras. This lightweight, portable mobile ENG solution offers a powerful option for broadcasters looking to deliver live video either direct-to-Web or on-air, and is available for direct purchase from JVC.

“TVUPack has worked closely with the major professional camera manufacturers to deliver fully-integrated solutions that fit within our customers’ workflows. TVU is dedicated to continually deliver innovations that help our customers deliver a stable transmission with professional-quality picture from any location while using any camera or portable mobile device,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.

Visitors to TVU booth number SU7105 can see a live demonstration of these integrated solutions as well as other TVUPack broadcast innovations.

Already in use by hundreds of leading broadcast organizations around the world, the TVUPack family of products gives broadcasters satellite and microwave TV truck functionality in a lightweight, portable and untethered form. TVUPack is the original one button operation backpack, is simple to use and provides broadcasters with low-latency, HD-quality signal that enables them to broadcast live at any time and from any location. The TVUPack family of products has been used to deliver professional-quality live HD footage of a number of important events around the world including the World Cup, the London Olympics, U.S. presidential elections, Hurricane Sandy, and the 2013 Papal conclave.

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