NewTek Connect Pro Tool Bridges IP, SDI Workflows

NewTek (Booth SL5817) has announced NewTek Connect Pro, a multipurpose software tool designed to seamlessly connect IP video formats, enabling new and existing video-production hardware and software to work together. NewTek Connect Pro provides a simple, affordable bridge for producers and facilities transitioning to IP-based video production workflows that both minimizes expenses, and maximizes opportunities.

newtek-logo-black-blueBringing together IP video standards, including NDI, and support for streaming IP formats found in cameras from JVC, Panasonic, PTZ Optics, Sony, and Vaddio, NewTek Connect Pro enables users to take advantage of a true end-to-end IP live-production workflow. Further, combining these IP video sources with SDI capture cards, customers can expand production capabilities as needs develop and grow. Support of ASPEN and SMPTE 2022 protocols allows users to confidently build production workflows regardless of format.

The software tool transforms a host computer into a multichannel video converter for stored-media playback, local webcams, or video signals from compatible sources. NewTek Connect Pro also features NDI Connect Webserver, an additional application that distributes video sources to the browser of any suitable device on the network. Remote viewers can each select up to 16 video sources, displaying them in a web browser in a variety of convenient layouts.

“IP-based workflows promise to connect all devices together on a single IP fabric to allow the best technologies to be used together. Competing standards, different devices, and different formats potentially make fulfilling the promise of IP interoperability very difficult,” says Dr. Andrew Cross, president/CTO, NewTek. “NewTek Connect Pro solves the problem of IP interoperability by being the glue that ties devices together and allows people to work with the best tools for a particular situation. It also provides a bridge from tools that they have today to the IP technologies of tomorrow.”

Once installed, NewTek Connect Pro provides any production workflow up to four video sources as inputs or outputs. Users can access the I/O of any camera, deck, or device connected via compatible capture cards, serve up stored media files for live playback, or increase camera count with local webcams. Tally and AutoPlay functions are supported via NDI.

Highlights of NewTek Connect Pro include the following:

  • Up to four input or output channels, independently configurable with built-in standards conversion
  • Support for a range of capture devices from such vendors as AJA, Blackmagic Design, Bluefish444, DELTACAST, Magewell, Matrox, Teradek; DirectShow devices, webcams, desktop computer capture, and more
  • Support for Key + Fill pairing on input and output
  • Support for common IP cameras, including models from Panasonic, JVC, Vaddio, PTZ Optics, and Sony
  • Links to common IP standards, including NDI, ASPEN, and other SMPTE 2022 integration
  • Built-in media playback for video files and still images (including alpha channel) provided
  • Support for common computer-system audio and sound sources, such as professional audio cards, AES67, and Dante
  • Eight-channel audio, with per-channel level control and headphone monitoring
  • Integration with hundreds of software solutions, including those from NewTek, VizRT, ChyronHego, BrainStorm, and Broadcast Pix.
  • High-quality still-image grab from any source, with motion adaptive deinterlacing
  • NDI Connect Webserver for remote viewing of NDI sources from the web browser of any networked device, including iOS and Android devices
  • Fully configurable color-correction settings, including white balance, proc amp controls, and automatic color correction
  • Integrated waveform and vectorscope for real-time signal monitoring and adjustment
  • Full field-rate multiview monitoring, with supplemental NDI program return monitor, selectable layouts, support for dual-monitor workspaces, and configurable graticule overlays, including VU meters, title safe, 4:3 safe, alpha-channel checkerboard, and center cross
  • Frame-rate and resolution cross conversion, frame sync and audio reclocking on all inputs

Pricing and Availability
NewTek Connect Pro is available now from any NewTek reseller or at as a one-time purchase for $995 or as a subscription for $49 per month. International pricing may vary. A free version called NDI Connect, allowing two channels, is also available.

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