Direct Movie Recording can aid remote sports production says chief technology officer Igor Vitiorets has contacted SVG Europe with the following message: “We are very concerned about the situation with the spread of Covid-19 and first of all we wish all our customers and partners to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

“Since Covid-19 has seriously affected the economic situation, we also wish our customers to safeguard their business operations. At a time when television and sports budgets are sharply reduced due to the pandemic, you should use the most economical solutions to stay ‘afloat’. If you have the right equipment, then use it, and if you need to buy it, then consider the performance/price ratio in a realistic manner.

“We recommend when choosing equipment, you should not focus on brand awareness or your desire to go the easy way and do the same as everybody else. First of all focus on the equipment itself and choose a solution that can cover your tasks and projects with minimum investment. During the pandemic income will be limited, so the purchase of relatively low-cost but quality equipment will help companies to overcome hard times.

“Our affordable servers, when using our proper Direct Movie Recording (DMR) technology for recording direct to NLE, can be configured not only to record on associated hard drives but also to NAS storage. This feature is inherent to all our servers.

“We are ready to help all our customers who are using systems, or new customers to organise their work in this way. In addition, with the Slomo remote application, our servers can be managed remotely from another computer via the internet.”

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