Enhancements help deliver more than 150% growth for GV sQ servers

Third quarter sales of Grass Valley’s sQ 1000 series media servers have seen a 155% year on year increase. Product development will see integration of the sQ server with the GV Stratus production system in early 2019.

The sQ server lies at the heart of the company’s LiveTouch replay and highlights system for live sports production.

“The sQ server is highly valued by customers for its unbeatable performance – particularly in mission critical news and sports production environments – so we are very proud to report such strong year-on-year sales growth,” said Arlene Campbell, senior vice president, global sales at Grass Valley. “The servers are not only compact and cost effective, they are also robust, with customers enjoying ten to twelve years of service, twice their write-down cycle. These are key differentiators that position the sQ servers above and beyond the competition.”

A compact 3 RU video storage server that has been engineered to support SDI, IT and hybrid environments, the sQ server contains all components required for media acquisition, storage and management in shared production workflows.

“The sQ server punches well above its weight,” said Andrew Dix, product manager at Grass Valley. “It offers outstanding reliability and functionality, including UHD and HDR support. I am excited that our roadmap further broadens the application of this technology in fast turnaround news, and sports production environments.

“In addition, the newest version costs less to buy and support, offers huge storage capacities compared to earlier generations, takes up less space, consumes less power and generates less waste heat – all of which have a powerful impact on our customers’ bottom line.”

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