Evrideo integrates Zixi’s SDVP for live cloud-based broadcast

Zixi has announced an integration and partnership with Evrideo, whose cloud-based broadcast platform enables any content owner to manage linear TV channels and distribute them over IP to any pay-TV and OTT platform.

The Evrideo platform includes media asset management through interactive widgets, advertisements, 3D graphics, social integration, playout, delivery, encoding, analytics and reporting, enabling viewers to engage in an interactive experience. With all the necessary functions required for online-live TV in broadcast quality, Evrideo includes a web interface that offers a simple workflow, programming and scheduling of a TV channel, audio and subtitles in a variety of languages, integrated dynamic graphics, and cue tones for advertising localisation. It provides a Zixi-integrated MCR and playout solution as a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go model that doesn’t require any capex investments.

Evrideo’s cloud-based MCR and playout uses Zixi throughout the entire delivery path. Users can set up a connection or transport using Zixi in a matter of minutes with minimal staff compared to the hours and extensive teams needed to supervise more traditional infrastructure such as fibre or satellite. Using Evrideo and Zixi, customers can shift from hardware-based to software-defined solutions to quickly gain workflow flexibility and agility when it comes to enabling new revenue sources and cost-effective content exchange. The integrated solution enables rapid distribution and syndication of channels to cables operators, as well as DTH, IPTV and OTT platforms.

Evrideo relies on key elements of the software-defined video platform (SDVP) to transport broadcast-quality live video over any IP network: the Zixi protocol and the video solutions stack. The Zixi protocol is a resilient congestion and network-aware protocol that adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented, dynamic forward error correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP with 99.9999% uptime at minimal latency. It provides security with DTLS and AES encryption, allows for protected multicast transport, provides bandwidth efficiency and enables encoder backpressure. The Zixi video solutions stack provides essential software tools and core media processing functions that allows for transcoding, auto-slating and time-shifting over multiple transmission paths and bitrate adaptation to ensure reliability over any IP network, any protoco, and any cloud provider, as well as extensive transport, network and content quality analytics.

“The Zixi integration gives our customers IP video delivery with ultra-low latency and best-in-class security,” commented Avi Zenou, chief executive officer at Evrideo. “The whole new level of agility and speed that our customers win when delivering feeds with the SDVP over cost-effective public IP enables our customers to benefit from both worlds – squeeze and cut down dramatically their unit economics while insisting on the highest level of feed reliability and accuracy, and that’s what we call a game-changer.”

John Wastcoat, senior vice president of alliances and marketing, Zixi, added: “This integration allows broadcasters and content owners to focus on developing innovative business models rather than worrying about operations and technology. The partnership with Evrideo further expands the depth and breadth of the Zixi Enabled Network for worldwide connectivity.”

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