IBC 2019: Sportzcast announces auto-annotation tools for Adobe Premiere Pro

Sportzcast (stand 7.B35) has announced the Sportzcast Event Data Panel, a sports data driven integration into Adobe Premiere Pro. Utilizing the new panel, Sportzcast users can instantly apply archived Sportzcast game data from a Scorebot connected venue to imported game footage in Premiere Pro, a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Within seconds, the panel injects markers for game events onto the vide timeline and generates individual clips based on game data in the vertical event markers window. This first of its kind tool eliminates the need for manual searching and marking game film, and instead allows for entire game footage to instantly and automatically be annotated with game events directly from the Sportzcast data feed.

In the use case of football, a Sportzcast user can import their game video file to Premiere Pro, open the Event Data Panel and choose any of their Scorebots they wish to pull data from. The user then selects the date and time range for the game they wish to access, and the archived scoreboard data feed is immediately downloaded from the Sportzcast cloud and paired with the imported video(s). Sport appropriate markers will instantly be created and attached to the timeline and individual event clips, including automatically marking the start & stop point of every play. Users can view and select between numerous clip markers generated such as “scoring plays” and even individual game situations such as “first down plays” “second down plays” and more. Every marker and created clip includes data for the exact status of the game at that moment.

“This new panel will give sports organizations video tools to automate workflows and make them available in a matter of seconds – something that used to take hours of manual input,” said Sportzcast Executive Vice President Dan Gustafson. “We’re delighted to bring this breakthrough technology to Adobe Premiere Pro customers.”

The Event Data Panel can also be utilized in real-time to pair scoreboard data with incoming game video allowing for instant annotation and clip/marker creation during live events. More features and integrations from Sportzcast into additional Adobe products will be announced in the coming months.

The Sportzcast Event Data Panel is being shown for the first time at IBC 2019 in Amsterdam and will launch to the public this fall coinciding with the start of NCAA and NBA basketball seasons.

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