Motion Impossible enhances Agito with MagTrax system

Motion Impossible has introduced MagTrax, a magnetic strip-guided system for discreet tracked applications, said to offer more flexibility and fast set-up for laid or set-embedded dolly tracks.

MagTrax enhances the existing drive-ends by enabling customers to follow a magnetic strip laid on a surface, underneath a carpet or embedded within a set. The strip can be arranged in various creative ways beyond what can be done with a regular track, including curves and the ability to move seamlessly from one strip to another. The Agito will autonomously follow each path while freeing up the control for camera movement.

MagTrax allows the same manoeuvrability as free-roaming, with repeatable path following, speed control for both straight or curved tracks, and offers collision detection with automatic e-stop. In addition, it has a configurable front and rear lighting system for pre-production and production state awareness.

The system can be set up and modified by a single person, making it suitable for a wide range of productions, including sports broadcasts, on-set or location filming for film and TV productions, and other outside broadcast events, live events and rapid turn-around productions.

Rob Drewett, CEO of Motion Impossible, said: “The development of MagTrax marks a key milestone for the operability of the Agito and brings the dolly to a whole new level. Our R&D team has taken on board the feedback from our users to put together a solution that will transform productions, from broadcast to live events to film.”

MagTrax can be added to existing Sports systems using the Sports-MagTrax Upgrade pack. Existing Agito Trax customers can also upgrade to MagTrax using the Trax-MagTrax Upgrade pack. New systems can be purchased pre-configured with MagTrax with new bundles, Agito MagTrax Essential and Agito MagTrax Elevated.

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