NAB 2024: Evertz to highlight digital IF conversion and processing technology

At NAB 2024, Evertz will showcase its digital IF conversion and processing technology that is setting new standards for the industry. Highlighting the modular and hot-swappable 7880RFIP platform, Evertz offers up to 28 bidirectional conversions in a 3RU frame, or up to 8 bidirectional conversions in a compact 1 RU frame.

A groundbreaking debut includes the capability to digitise up to 1GHz of instantaneous IF bandwidth per channel, a significant advancement in spectrum management. The digitised IF is transported over WAN networks using IP. This removes the distance limitations experienced by customers using dark fibre and creates new workflows and approaches for the RF industry for satellite dish farms placement.

Evertz, a member of the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI) that aims to advance interoperability in satellite and ground systems networks, is working with DIFI partners to enable the digital transformation of space, satellite and related industries through a simple, interoperable Digital IF/RF standard. By advancing the scope, use, testing and certification of this standard, DIFI aims to accelerate industry transformation from L-Band IF to Digital IF and develop the network transport of digitised IF signals.

This transition, which the company says has the potential to revolutionise current business structures, marks a significant industry shift comparable to the transition from SDI to IP.

Evertz is now playing a pivotal role in advancing DIFI and ensuring a smooth transition for those ready to embrace this new era of satellite signal processing. This leadership role was highlighted during the first DIFI Plugfest event held in Colorado Springs in September 2023, during which Evertz collaborated closely with industry peers and stakeholders to refine and enhance the standard.

Also at NAB, Evertz is set to present its 670WSP channeliser, empowering operators with flexible spectrum management to significantly reduce IP bandwidth requirements, fostering dynamic workflows. Complementing these advances, Evertz will highlight the integration with its Magnum-OS orchestration system, streamlining the integration of complex digital IF or hybrid workflows.

“Evertz is proud to lead the industry in developing transformative solutions for satellite ground infrastructure digitisation,” said Zakaria Alhaddad, senior RF product manager at Evertz. “Our innovative approach not only empowers broadcasters with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency but also reinforces our commitment to advancing industry standards such as DIFI. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with partners and stakeholders to shape the future of media and entertainment technology.”

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