Net Insight moves forward on RIST specification with Nimbra

Net Insight is enabling its customers to exchange content with anyone using the Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) specification by adding support for RIST to its Nimbra portfolio.

Net Insight is also making its implementation available to everyone in the industry as an open source application in order to help accelerate adoption. At the same time, it is taking a leading co-chair role in the collaborative RIST Forum.

Professional media transport over the internet is maturing rapidly, creating the need for open ecosystems in which multiple vendors can interoperate.

RIST is a key industry initiative by the Video Services Forum (VSF), providing an open specification (TR-06) for media transport over the internet that is jointly defined by all members of the VSF activity group.

The RIST Forum is a collaborative organisation with the mission to make transport of professional media over the internet interoperable through the adoption of RIST.

“To create a truly open ecosystem there is a need for industry-wide collaboration. The RIST Forum together with VSF provides a place for that collaboration to happen,” said Alexander Sandström, co-chair of the RIST Forum and head of product marketing at Net Insight. “Net Insight is now taking a leading co-chair role in the RIST Forum, to make sure that we continue leading the way when it comes to professional media transport over the internet.”

With the Nimbra VA solution, Net Insight pioneered transport of professional high-quality media over the internet almost a decade ago. Support for RIST is now available as a software-only upgrade, making Nimbra interoperable with other vendors implementing the RIST specifications.

“While proprietary technology plays an important role in an emerging market to accelerate innovation, the internet transport market is now mature enough to prioritise collaboration before incremental innovation,” said Love Thyresson, head of internet media transport at Net Insight. “By not only implementing RIST but also making it open source, it becomes available to both our existing Nimbra users and to the entire industry. This simplifies adoption of RIST for everyone and further accelerates market interoperability.”

Nimbra RIST support, starting with the Nimbra VA, will be made commercially available in June 2019 and as open source at NAB.

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