Panasonic Business provides RTS reporters with 90 4K camcorders

As part of an upgrade initiative Panasonic initially provided RTS with the AJ-PX 270 Micro P2 to test along with models from competing brands, to replace their ageing equipment. The field reporters on the RTS editorial team had been using the same camcorders for six years, so when it came time to replace them three years ago, the network launched its first call for bids.

With the arrival of 4K technology, however, RTS wanted to turn to more advanced and future-proof products. With this shift in focus, the procurement process was relaunched and new products were tested, including Panasonic’s AG-UX180 camcorder, which was ultimately selected.

“In addition to its attractive price, we chose the Panasonic Business AG-UX180 model for its encoding performance and optical capabilities. These 4K 60p/50p camcorders (model AG-UX180) feature the widest angle on the market (24 mm), a 20x optical zoom and a 1.0 CMOS sensor,” explained Christophe Dumartin from Visuals Sàrl.

Since September 2017, Panasonic has provided equipment to around 40 RTS stations. The teams, made up of 80 video reporters, have been able to test the new camcorders throughout French-speaking Switzerland, Valais, Geneva and Lausanne.

The camcorders were tested in real-life working conditions over the course of a month. A week of post-production evaluation was organised on site to allow a technician from Visuals Sàrl to present the product in detail to the journalists involved.

The AG-UX180 is the premium model in the UX range. Its top of the range specifications and professional features include advanced optical image stabilisation (O.I.S.) and intelligent AF functionality, making it ideal for high end professional applications.

The controls of the AG-UX180, including its three manual control rings, user button and specific interfaces, such as the 3G-SDI/HDMI and XLR inputs, have been designed to meet the needs of professional video recording applications. Offering the same level of flexibility and mobility as a conventional handheld HD camcorder, the AG-UX180 is a powerful tool for high quality 4K/HD video production.

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