Riedel radio technology serves Team Garmin during Tour de France

By Jennifer Angell
SVG Europe correspondent

For the 99th Tour de France, Team Garmin used a radio solution from Riedel Communications. The specialist for real-time communications and media networks installed a combination of conventional trunked radios and NanoTalk for enabling team communication for Garmin.

More than 12 vehicles of Team Garmin, who won this year’s Giro d’Italia, were equipped with a MOTOTRBO radio solution enabling communication between the individual vehicles. MOTOTRBO provides conventional trunked radio, long battery power cycles, and an integrated GPS module, and can be used for any application that requires high quality of speech transmission such as the Tour de France.

In addition to the digital radio network, Team Garmin used NanoTalk radios for the communication between vehicles and cyclists. NanoTalk is a small radio that has been developed for applications such as pro-cycling. The radio can be attached to the cyclist’s helmets for communications. A special branding of the radios offered advertising space for the Austrian Ötztal region.

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