RR Media selected for Eutelsat Africa broadband initiative

RR Media, a leading provider of global digital media services to the broadcast and media industries, has been selected to support Eutelsat’s African satellite broadband initiative. RR Media’s Middle East Media Centre will host a hub to connect and deliver new-generation broadband services to Sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative will leverage satellite technologies to increase the number of African Internet users through reliable and affordable solutions. The project started in December 2015, with Internet connectivity to be available to African users towards the end of 2016 through the AMOS-6 satellite.

RR Media’s Media Centre will contribute by providing satellite broadband capabilities that meet the standards for a wide variety of online and digital media applications.

“We are putting in place the best technologies and solutions to deliver a high-quality and affordable Internet solution across Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Laurent Grimaldi, CEO of the new Eutelsat affiliate set up to manage this initiative. “RR Media’s facilities will form an integral part of this new ecosystem. It’s innovative solutions, accessibility, and proven track record will support our ambition to deliver an enhanced online experience to Internet users on the African continent.”

“This is really an exciting project for us,” commented Avi Cohen, RR Media’s CEO. “Our Middle East Media Centre’s location allows us to play an important role, serving as the hub in connecting people where traditional Internet infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Through better broadband and digital media solutions, we are able to play our part in facilitating better access to the Internet, social media, and communications with the wider world.”

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