adds VAR RRA option to Venue graphics function VAR servers now implement the Venue Information Graphics function. In addition to duplicating the VAR interface to the Referee Review Area (RRA), the new RRA-II option outputs FIFA-compliant VAR graphics to the arena and to broadcasters.

The main point of interaction between the video match officials (VMO) and the main referee on the pitch is the RRA. As required by FIFA, a specialised monitor is installed in the RRA, allowing the main referee to review controversial moments provided by the VAR team. After the analysis the main referee clearly communicates their final decision.

The equipment and the video signals delivered to the Referee Review Area should meet specific requirements to ensure fast and error-free review of controversial game moments.

The RRA options, available for all VAR systems, solve the task of duplicating the VAR interface in the RRA area and outputting graphics while the monitor is not being used for referee’s review.

As VAR technology at all stages of use needs to be as clear and transparent as possible for everyone, including spectators and fans, it is recommended to inform viewers of VAR decisions by displaying information graphics. The system used for this purpose is called the Venue Information Graphics system. It outputs prepared graphic files to the arena and to broadcasters explaining what is happening, such as ‘VAR in progress’, ‘Goal’, or ‘Offside’.

Conventionally, this is done with a separate subsystem and a venue information officer, who receives information from the VAR team and outputs the appropriate graphics files. Since the venue information officer is not a member of the Video Assistant Referee team, there is the possibility of a communication error.

For this reason, has modified the RRA option and added a Venue Information Graphics function to its VAR systems. The new RRA-II option provides not only synchronous duplication of the VAR monitor to the Referee Review Area, but also the output of information graphics about VAR actions and final decisions. RRA-II is an integrated part of the VAR system and does not require a separate subsystem with an operator.

The upgrade of the RRA option is driven by the intention to reduce the number of external components and devices involved in the VAR process and the belief that informing viewers should be the responsibility of the VAR team, as they have reliable information about the process.

An assistant VAR or replay operator outputs the appropriate graphics to the arena and to broadcasters, combining the functions of the venue information officer.

The new RRA-II option is an external device with six SDI outputs, any of which can be assigned one of the following functions: output of a ‘clean’ VAR referee interface without graphics; duplication of the VAR monitor to the RRA with the ability to activate a static image when the monitor is not in use; output of the Venue Information Graphics from the VAR server.

The flexibility of the RRA-II option configurations is said to simplify VAR installation and allow easy adjustment to stadiums and current tasks. For example, the user can assign three outputs to the ‘clean’ referee interface for the supervisor workplace, shared video wall in the VAR centre and the control monitor in the video operation room, one output to the referee interface with graphics for RRA and two outputs to Venue Information Graphics for the stadium and TV broadcaster.

The RRA-II option is available not only for football VAR systems, but also for videoReferee servers in other sports. It is already being used in FINA water polo competitions.

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