Slomo.TV introduces R-vR instant replay and video refereeing solution

Slomo.TV has unveiled R-vR, a two-in-one solution that provides instant replay and video refereeing functions in one server. R-vR is a combination of Slomo.TV’s instant replay system and its FIFA-certified videoReferee VAR.

Since 2007, Slomo.TV has produced cost-effective server-based solutions for 4K/3G/HD multi-channel recording, instant slow motion replays, live production as well as videoReferee systems for sports video refereeing. This extensive experience has led to the development of the fully functional R-vR hybrid solution.

The solution is expected to be of particular interest to football organisations, as the same cameras are typically used for both the TV broadcast and the VAR system during football matches.

The small size and light weight of the R-vR server makes it suitable for on-site broadcasting. The included flight case ensures that the system is portable and quick to set up. Moreover, R-vR consumes less power and is easier to connect and install in the arena than two separate servers, according to Slomo.TV.

R-vR provides either 8 or 16 SDI I/O channels, supporting from 7 to 15 cameras. The replay and VAR system components share the same video signals and recording channels.

To optimise the overall workflow, it includes two completely independent workplaces – one for the replay operator and another for the VAR/video referee, each with one monitor. If necessary, the Display Extension Option adds two more monitors to the system for a total of four.

In the simplest setup for the replay operator, the workplace is equipped with one monitor, and a Control-ZR control panel connected via USB, mouse and keyboard. The monitor runs the Multiskin function that allows switching between several interfaces on one monitor. The replay operator can work with the main interface, where video clips are edited and marked up, or the multiviewer, which is mainly used for instant replays. With the display extension option, there can be two monitors, so the main interface and the multiviewer are displayed separately.

The basic workplace configuration of the VAR/video referee will feature one monitor, Control-VR control panel and up to four referee buttons to mark events and control communication with on-the-pitch match officials. The monitor is fully functional for refereeing tasks, displaying both live and delayed video feeds, and can switch between Referee Out and Main Camera via Multiskin. If the second monitor is connected, the Main Camera and the Referee Out can be displayed separately. If required, clips can be quickly exported through the VAR interface at the end of the match.

For football matches, the R-vR solution can include the RRA option, which allows the VAR interface showing the review in progress to be transmitted to the RRA monitor. When the VAR interface is absent, the monitor displays a background image. The RRA also automatically transmits referee decisions data to venue information graphics systems.

To further simplify the video refereeing workflow in many sports (basketball, hockey, handball, wrestling, etc.), the R-vR server can be complemented with a wireless monitor option that transmits the referee’s interface to a tablet. Any iOS or Android tablet can be connected to the system via WiFi and used as a wireless RRA monitor, saving significant time in the officiating process.

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