SterGen to convert EPL match for TV 2 Norway

Sportel: It’s perhaps not the most tactful demonstration ever, but SterGen’s up-d’ing of the infamous Maradona ‘Hand of God’ incident does showcase the effectiveness of the Vizrt-owned company’s 2D to 3D conversion software, which TV 2 Norway is going to use to broadcast live football to its IPTV and web viewers over the weekend.

The match in question is the Barclays Premier League game between Manchester United and Liverpool on October 15.

“The sale of 3DTVs is rising rapidly, and TV 2 already has a huge amount of viewers watching football on our online platform; TV 2 Sumo. By running a game as big as Manchester United – Liverpool in 3D online, a large number of our customers get to enjoy a revolutionary three-dimensional sports experience,” says Eva Iselin Husby, Editorial manager at TV 2 Sumo.

SterGen’s patented technology enables realtime creation of computed stereoscopic 3D from individual 2D cameras or programme feeds in realtime.

“Our technology allows the broadcaster to create the right 3D effect to fit the different devices – as the optimal effect to a tablet or a PC screen will differ from the one suitable for large TV screens,” says Ofer Wolf, Chief Executive Officer at SterGen.

TV 2 will route its 2D signal via SterGen’s live 2D to 3D decoder, applying the right 3D effect to the PC and IPTV platforms.

Another Vizrt partner, Vimond Media Solutions, recently announced support for 3D streaming, giving broadcasters the ability to augment their 2D services with 3D content viewable on connected and mobile devices. Viewers will be able to watch the game either via a 3D IPTV connected to the web or using a 3D PC screen with the screen manufacturer’s glasses.

“Our motto is; ‘3D Sports Made Easy’, said Dr. Miky Tamir, SterGen’s founder and chairman. “The point is to keep it simple, while enhancing the 3D viewer’s experience. We do so by the use of patent pending algorithms that solves the native 3D’s camera flatness problem in the high cameras, results of a physical limitation of the 3D cameras. The stereo effect generated by SterGen gives the viewer a genuine effect that enhances the 3D experience in those shots that are used during the majority of the broadcast.”

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